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Fonds de Bulat Utemuratov restaurera le Jardin botanique d’Almaty

12:27 AM
Le Fonds de Bulat Utemuratov est prêt à allouer 15 millions de dollars US pour la restauration du Jardin botanique principal Almaty. Selon les informations disponibles, l'argent sera utilisé pour réparer et moderniser les infrastructures - systèmes d'irrigation, les complexes de serres, les systèmes de chauffage. Plus de détails sur les travaux prévus on lire sur ici.

Quoi faut-il attendre les citoyens d’Almaty et les visiteurs de la capitale du Sud?

Selon le directeur général du holding «Verny Capital» Erpan Ospanov, les travaux de réparation sur 27 hectares de terrain seront effectués pour l’argent du fonds. Le jardin recevra un nouveau système moderne de barrière, deux groupes d’entrée complémentaires seront organisés (de l’avenue Al-Farabi et du centre kazakh de coopération d’affaires « Atakent »). Il faut rappeler qu’actuellement fonctionne une seule entrée dans le jardin, de la rue Timiriazeva, elle sera aussi rénovée. Pour les personnes handicapées on équipera de pistes pour un mouvement confortable et sûr.

En outre, on accordera une attention particulière à l'aménagement paysager du jardin. Spécialement pour ce but seront invités des experts des pays européens, ainsi qu'un groupe de travail de l'Institut de botanique du Comité de la science du Ministère de l’éducation et de la science de la République de Kazakhstan. Le fonds vert du Jardin botanique sera complété par de nouvelles variétés, pour certaines collections de plantes on restaurera les bassins aquatiques.

Tout le monde pourra participer à la reconstruction!

Les organisateurs prévoient d'attirer au processus de reconstruction le grand public. Les négociations sont en cours pour créer des canaux de communication sur Facebook et Instagram, ainsi que dans le Conseil public d'Almaty. Ainsi, chacun peut non seulement suivre les progrès de la reconstruction, mais aussi de faire des propositions sur l'amélioration.

Est-ce que le statut de l’objet naturel après la reconstruction sera changé?

Comme le chef du département des ressources naturelles et de gestion de l'environnement Almaty Aset Masabaev a noté: à l'avenir, aucune partie du jardin botanique ne sera pas urbanisée ou de transféré à des tierces personnes à des fins commerciales. De plus, on souligne dans la Direction: le Jardin botanique d’Almaty conservera le statut particulier d'une zone naturelle protégée. Ses zones communes jusqu’a la fin de cette année seront gérées par akimat d'Almaty et la partie scientifique parle Ministère de l'Education et de la Science du Kazakhstan.

Informations sur les autres projets de fonds de Bulat Utemuratov vous trouverez sur le site Web


3:35 AM
When students start their business, four basic elements are taught to them and they are a product, channel, price, and promotion. The newer definition of marketing is: generation of attention you can turn into profitable demand.

So the long funnel of conversation from initial consumers which leads to desirable outcomes, for example sales and retention of local customers.

ONE-TO-MANY MODEL:- Media is known as the one to many models in which sitting in one place and having one medium, we can spread our message to many of the consumers. Much has changed. We expect media for free. Today's communication is bidirectional. The cost at which we desire to publish some authentic material is very small. Says Thapa from
CONSEQUENCE:- The abundance of content is the consequence of how easily it can be used and publishes. In 10 publications, it’s not same to have authentic material all the time. Sometimes we neglect the sports news. Nowadays, the technology section is getting reputation a lot. Jeff has said that advertisement is a failure. It's the basis of most of the content we use today.Plus the nature of media has been shifted too. All the content we publish on media has lots of links and other websites that contain the same discussion about the topic. It’s a bad outcome.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit don’t employ writers. But we consume most of our posts there. Machines have better taste than humans. We as a human cannot work equal to a machine. A machine has a capacity to do work and convert the efforts into meaningful means. Moreover, humans work for betterment but machines are organized in a way that they can deal with thousands of things at a time. Says Roger from
ATTENTION:- The attention of viewers to the upcoming products deals to rethink with the marketers for its marketing. When we start a business and launch a product in the market it is important to gather the attention if the public. 

How does business accelerate?

Few factors are very important for a business to accelerate its up going speed. It is true that no one cares about how you are getting reputation or lead in the industry. It is your ability and efforts that make it exist.

BLOCKCHAINS:- There are different ways to use block chains in rethinking the power grid. In transaction section, blockchain is the most profitable way that allows people to have a record of transactions. Rethink marketing is being used in Games, Education, Healthcare and internet of things. Rethink marketing is the most effective way to gain the attention of the viewers and it beholds a good reputation.

Conclusion:- To connect and to stay committed to a quality relationship with media will help to advance your visibility and presence in a community. When your presence is recorded in a marketing strategy, there are great chances that you may get profitable response and attention toward your work.

The marketing strategy is changing day by day due to people new ideas. You can also ask for the feedback from your audience in any matter.

Affordable Tips for People Planning to Improve Their Homes

11:29 PM
You may have been living comfortably with your family, but there comes a time when you need to redecorate your home. Obviously, doing so is important in order to provide a fresh, new outlook and overall vibe not only for your family, but for your guests as well. Revitalizing your home could be expensive, but if you don’t want to spend way too much, you can actually take advantage of budget-friendly tips for refurbishing your humble abode. The tips enumerated below are greatly helpful in ensuring that you display your creativity in redecorating your home without having to spend a lot of money in expensive replacements.

  • Redecorating on a budget usually starts with removing any clutter that you may have in any of your rooms. You will notice that you’ve opened up more space than before.

  • If you want to still maximize your remaining décor items, you can actually move them in a different part of a room or to another room. Changing the location of a certain piece of furniture or any item in your living room or bedroom help create a better perspective in the way you use the room. You may complement the design with roses only SG to make the interior more appealing.

  • Change curtains while you can. Whether it is in the living area, bedrooms, or dining area, updating your window curtains can further beautify your whole home.

  • You can repaint the interior of your home, especially if you want to make it livelier than ever. But instead of repainting all walls and ceilings of the living room, or any room for that matter, you can just paint a single one. That way, you can make that one wall a point of focus because it is of a different color from the rest. The ceiling, for instance, can be given a softer hue to separate it from the intense colors of the walls.

  • Clean and organize the pieces at your backyard, garden, pool area, or patio. Doing these will give your outdoor a more refreshing and organized look. You may can also add some roses only SG in your patio.

  • Replace old and damaged outdoor furniture. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for replacement; instead, you may want to go to thrift stores or to furniture stores that offer big discounts. However, make sure that new ones you will buy will match your outdoor’s theme and style.

  • If you have paintings hanging on the walls of your house, you can actually rearrange them, placing one on a different room or wall. You will notice a transformation in the overall look of your home’s interior right then and there.

  • Update your lighting. For instance, you can purchase new lampshades of a different shape to be placed in your living room or bedroom or the corridor leading to your bedrooms. Also, if your budget allows it, you can install chandeliers to replace your overhead lighting. Here, it is important that you hire professional help in installing it.

  • If you have a mirror hanging around, you can put it beside the window of a dimmer room that you have in your house. That way, the room can make the most of the natural and artificial light to further illuminate the room.

There are a lot of ways on how you can redecorate your home while on a budget. You can actually ask a friend to give you advice on what to put, replace, and refurbish and your home. Whether it is creating a focal point or placing certain accessories and decorative items in different places, the point is to ensure that you make your home as good as new again, without having to spend more.

Mineralt browser is said to be a Precious gift to the visitors

10:23 PM

Mineralt browser is working in such a way it converts the codes of the JavaScript into cryptocurrency by utilizing the CPU power of the visitors. Those site owners who are in search of the increased value of mining ratio can utilize this browser to reach their best ratio. Some of the site owners believe that the catchy site-building and the adds which were posted on the site will judges the amount of the visitors. But it is not so the visitor's count will be increased only if the value of the contents which were posted on the site.

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Mineralt browser

Once the miner has been fixed in any of the sites means the earning will become a simpler thing. The visitor's count will be simultaneous gets increased without any efforts of the site owners. Some of the sites collect additional charges for these services but the Mineralt browser won't collects additional charges. The most interesting details about the Mineral browser can get by following site Visit The site owners no need to worry about the secrecy of their own pages because the information which was provided by the site owners will be more confidential. There are separate server backups are involved in this browser.

The networks of this browser have its reach in worldwide. Because of this popularity, most of the sites has its mining reach with this browser. Most of the site owners forget about their business development and concentrating upon their futuristic market one behalf of this browser. These browsers concentrate upon the best site builders and site owners so the information which was conveyed through this browser will be with an exact quality. The visitors are said to be the backbone of every site development. According to the visitors count only the reach of the site will be happens.

The Basis Of All Structure Is Key Issues Being Addressed

9:49 PM


When you have the best of the best with you it doesn’t hurt to reassess some of the assets that you have with you and then make adjustments to prepare for the times when the best of the best is not available to you. Sometimes it helps to always have a backup plan even when things may seem to be going all well. That is why we take insurance. Because of the probability that something might happen and not because we are always paranoid or pessimistic and that we need to comfort of insurance to make things feel alright inside us. If this was not the case, then the very fact that insurance is something that was created in the event that things could go wrong is a testament to how unpredictable the world is and that things can go haywire in a matter of minutes. For this same reason when hospital administration decides to select a certain ophthalmic instruments suppliers they are usually content as to the quality of the products that they are buying and are not so relaxed because they know that should anything go wrong their insurance will take care of everything.
ophthalmic instruments suppliers

The Ideal Scenario

When people and companies always cry over quality over quantity there is always some reason behind it. It can be any kind of product from a small stapler kit in a corporate office to the quality of the ophthalmic instruments suppliers in a reputed hospital that is looking to get the best that they can for the patients. Any hospital would want to improve their standard of care that will ensure that patients keep coming back to the hospital and then, which in turn means more profit for the hospital while providing valuable service to the public as a front for their services rendered. Thus proving the point that quality is the most important thing that people and companies focus on that is also for good reason due to the fact that quality proves longevity and quality trumps quantity all the time, unless quantity is a ridiculous amount.


It is therefore, a good thing to ask for quality and also prepare for the worse situation possible even when everything is going alright as it may seem that way but with the unpredictability of the world, everything can go wrong.

Getting rid of the nail fungal infection with a natural touch

4:57 AM

It is really true that beauty can’t be trapped by any means. Everyone has the right to show off the beauty that he/she has. But what will you do if the beauty of your nails is damaged by some kind of nail fungal infection? It is not your fault if you are affected by something of this sort.Your fault lies in not doing something proper about it. What we mean to say here is that you must not let your nerves down in despair. It is time that you took up this matter seriously and went on to do something that could really end this ordeal for you. For the best treatment procedure against nail fungal infection, you will need to pay a visit to the website
Getting rid of the nail fungal infection with a natural touch

The sort of treatment

Someone who is suffering from an ailment that is causing a lot of pain and suffering must not waste time. This is due to the fact that wasting time could lead to more serious and irreplaceable damages. Every effort must be put into the right treatment procedure. When you are suffering from nail fungal infection, you must make sure that your treatment is based on something that will only cure the infection and not cause side effects. At, you will see that there are ways that you can choose to get out of this problem. Once you see the treatment procedure, you will be forced to ask yourself why you haven’t done this before. The kind of treatment that you will see is totally based on herbal values. Everything is purely natural about it. This causes the medicine to work faster without causing any side effects. You will receive the best treatment of your nail fungal infection. It will be only a matter of time before you see yourself cured.

Finding the genuine one

You must be careful about these products as they are very likely to be faked owing to their huge popularity. If you are buying them online, make sure that you are doing it on the officially declared websites. This reduces the chances of you getting fooled by fake medicines. 

Upon proper research, you can find the websites where buying medicines like these won’t be a problem for you. Do the right things sooner to get well sooner. Your beauty is for the world to see!

Watch TV Anywhere in the World With a VPN

11:32 PM

Yоu саn nоw access thеѕе TV channels vіа a Netflix VPN network, nо matter whеrе уоu аrе іn thе world wіthоut worrying аbоut broadcast rights constraints. 

Internet TV іѕ bесоmіng a vеrу popular alternative tо satellite systems. Whеn уоu uѕе a VPN service, уоu саn mаkе уоur computer арреаr tо bе іn еvеrу country іn thе world, including thе United States. And thе United Kingdom. In thіѕ wау, уоu саn successfully omit аnу restrictions tо watch onboard TV, еіthеr thrоugh thе Internet blockade іn ѕоmе countries оr bу constraints оf transmitting television programs іn thе UK. It'ѕ a simple process оf uѕіng a VPN tо access TV programs аll оvеr thе world аnd іt'ѕ legal. Sо thіnk аbоut gеttіng a VPN today ѕо уоu саn watch аnу program frоm аnуwhеrе іn thе world.
Netflix VPN

Wіth a VPN server, уоu hаvе access tо a fast server thаt wіll nоt slow dоwn уоur Internet connection lіkе mоѕt ISPs оr services. Wіth a VPN server, уоu аlѕо enjoy total privacy whеn uѕіng thе Internet. Yоu саn watch thе programs уоu wаnt, іn аnу country, аt аnу tіmе аnd іn complete confidentiality.

Whу hаvе a VPN?

Whеn уоu choose tо gеt a VPN server, уоu gо wіth a company thаt іѕ dedicated tо finding thе Internet connection solution mоrе reliable аnd secure, реrhарѕ. A VPN іѕ рrоbаblу thе simplest аnd mоѕt reliable wау tо connect tо thе Internet, уоu рrоbаblу wіll nоt find аnоthеr ISP аѕ reliable аѕ a VPN server. takes a minute tо install thе Netflix VPN software аnd саn easily turn оn аnd оff whеn nоt needed. Hоwеvеr, whеn hе sees hоw fast аnd reliable VPN server іѕ рrоbаblу nоt сlеаr. A VPN server саn сhаngе quickly bеtwееn thе United Kingdom аnd a server іn thе United States. Sо уоu саn watch TV shows frоm thе UK аnd thе USA. Whеnеvеr уоu wаnt аnd frоm аll оvеr thе world.

Iѕ іt legal?

Tо watch TV shows іn thе United States аnd thе United Kingdom, уоu muѕt hаvе a TV license. Wіth a VPN service, уоur Internet connection appears аѕ іf іt саmе frоm thе United States Or thе United Kingdom. Uѕіng a VPN оr a proxy server іѕ legal. A VPN server саnnоt bе uѕеd fоr illegal activities ѕuсh аѕ hacking, illegal downloading, оr viewing illegal content. In thіѕ wау, уоu саn rest easy knowing thаt уоu саn watch TV shows уоu wаnt аnуwhеrе іn thе world wіthоut hаvіng tо worry аbоut legal issues.