2 SEO Strategies to Boost Your Online Business in 2016

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Holiday vacations are still going on and there has been quite a lot of hype for holiday shopping. Both businesses and consumers are looking towards companies that will carter their needs. Products such as tablets, laptops, mobile phones and other similar items have been bought and sold online, more than any other product.

It all indicates that online business should be more focused on strategies to make themselves visible on search engines, and get their share of audience. Now, at the beginning of the new year, it’s high time to implement your SEO strategies. If you haven’t yet done anything about it, contact SEO service Canada to create one for you.

For this year, you can benefit from the following two SEO strategies in order to maximize on-page traffic and conversion.

1.    Optimize Internal Links

Why optimizing internal links
Common perception is, as the visitor comes onto the webpage, he’ll scroll down or navigate all by himself to find the information hidden in the farthest corner. And he’ll never leave until he gets it. That’s why link building is perceived as a waste of time. Mind you, there are lots of others selling the same product like you and they might snatch your share by giving them that ease and simplicity on their websites. 

User Experience
Or you may be thinking, that’s something you already knew, but some technical aspects may put you into revising your link building strategy.
·         Internal links create a good picture and fabricate your website for smooth user experience.
·         Good and relevant internal links helps Google identify the logics and it always results in high page ranking.

As your business grows, there will be more pages, landing pages and subpages. The task for internal link building will become more complicated with time. Even if you use optimization tools, the task will not be any simpler, and it becomes hard to determine whether your site and its structure is optimized.


The job of optimizing internal links may be a bit time consuming, but if you stick to the basics, it’ll be a lot simpler.
·         Create a structure simple and clear to help crawlers and humans navigate easily.
·         Users on the other hand should get to their intended product with minimal clicks.

For Page Optimization

You can use optimization tool from Searchmetrics that will identify the page that has the potential to generate traffic.
·         It identifies the ability of the pages with low number of links to get more relevant internal links.
·         It calculates the ranking data and the revenue of your webpages generates the report showing the maximum return out of them.
·         You can also find out what pages have the ability to provide links and drive more traffic than other pages.
·         It helps make informed decisions regarding priority pages that should be optimized.

2.    Detailed Reporting

These days, the main emphasis is on data collection and search marketing relies heavily on it. The information needs to be organized so that you can identify major areas and create a strong platform for future SEO strategy.
This year, reporting tools will be used more than before, in order to facilitate decision making. Plus, this is an efficient way of knowing the specifics of your campaign. Everyone knows that the business report is important for marketing decisions and as the platforms grow complex, they are getting more and more important. Again, to get to the bottom of the things and organize the data, you are going to need enormous amount of resources.

Reporting tool

Well, Searchmetrics has come up with a reporting tool for personalized reports.
·         This smart tool is capable of generating templates according to the data requirements of a particular business.
·         Another benefit besides speed is, it offers the information specific to your niche so that you can understand the potential of your content and make necessary adjustments into it.
·         You can also determine search strategies in the lights of these reports.
·         In short, the decision making will be much simpler and quicker.


These two content strategies will enhance content performance and make quantitative improvements in it. With tailored reports for instant decisions and a perfect tool to optimize internal links, capturing target audience will be much easier this year.

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