How to Enlist Your Kids in Your Upcoming Move

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You’re planning to move and you may feel that you’re doing the bulk of the work. That’s understandable if your spouse is working full time and you’re bearing the brunt of the load. If you have children on hand, you may feel especially overwhelmed. At the same time, you can enlist your kids to help you with your upcoming move. Here’s how.

Make it Age Appropriate

How old are your children? Any child under the age of two cannot help you make your move, but even toddlers can get in on the action.

For instance, if your child has many stuffed animals, you bring out a large trash bag to hold these toys in place. Have your child stuff the bag full while you’re holding it. Then, close the bag and place it in a box for moving. Your pre-schooler will soon grasp what is happening.

Older children can help out in many other ways too. Your young school-aged children can keep their rooms straight and begin to sort through what toys they no longer want. Your pre-teens can help you pack, while your teenagers can do basically everything you do, including packing breakables, labeling boxes, and even minding the younger children when you are busy.

Hold a Yard Sale

You won’t be bringing every single item in your home with you as you move. Chances are your children have identified many toys and books they no longer want. They’ll be more likely to give these items up if you promise them they can sell them at a yard sale and keep the money.

Speaking of yard or garage sales, be diligent about including everything that you won’t be moving. Hold the sale on a Saturday, put price labels on each item, and advertise the sale on Craigslist.

The idea here isn’t to rake in large sums of money, although that may be possible, depending on what you’re selling. Getting rid of your excess stuff should be a priority, therefore make sure when the sale ends, that nothing returns to your house. Instead, box these items and call Goodwill to haul off. Then, obtain a receipt for tax purposes.

Design Your Room Plans

If you have a blueprint of your new home, then show it to your older children. Describe to them the layout of the house and where their bedrooms are located. You’ll also show them the individual rooms such as the kitchen, family room, and where the bathrooms they’ll be using are located.

Your child should have a good idea where her present furniture will be placed in the new room. Copy the room’s schematic and give that to your child. She can sketch or draw her bed, a chest of drawers, shelving and other furniture. Help her get excited about the move. This will also help her as she fills, pads and labels her own boxes.

Make an Agenda

Your older children can play a valuable part in your moving plans. For instance, if you will be traveling by car to get you where you’re going and the trip will take many days, assign one child to find places of interest along the way to visit. These places can include a park, an amusement park, a historic site, or anything else of interest.

You might assign a second child with the task of finding hotels along the way. Such accommodations should be family friendly and if you have pets, then pet friendly too. This child can also identify nearby restaurants and collaborate with his sibling on finding interesting places nearby.

Its Your Move

Finally, invite your children to invite their friends for one last sleepover. You might find that these guests are willing to pitch in too, by packing boxes, watching the younger children or minding your pets.

You can also invite the neighbors over for a farewell soiree. Have your children pitch in by cleaning the house, making food, setting the table and greeting the guests. Soon, you’ll be bidding friends and neighbors good-bye, with your children getting their opportunity to say farewell too explains the Allied Moving Companies.

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