Jonathan Bunge – How Football Can Groom Your Children To Be Responsible And Independent Citizens

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No other team sport in the world is as popular as football. Millions of fans all over the world keep a track of the latest news updates of their favorite players and teams. These fans never fail to miss a single match that their favorite teams play in spite of their busy schedules. However, there are a rare breed of football enthusiasts who are simply not content with simply watching football matches. These people wish to promote the sport to the younger generation and advocate the essential social skills that they can learn from the sport. Jonathan Bunge is one such unique individual from Cleveland in Ohio.

Jonathan Bunge’s love for the sport goes beyond supporting his favorite team and watching football matches. He is engaged in the transport industry and has to travel different places but he finds time to express his views on this popular sport through his blog posts. You will find that most of his articles on the sport are both educative and informative. This football enthusiast urges parents to encourage their children to learn football as the game instills many positive social skills essential for their growth and upbringing. 
Through his articles, Jonathan Bunge explains that children who learn to play football at a very young age learn the virtues of discipline, hard work, preservation and teamwork. On the field and during practice, these children may face hostile opponents and rough tackles but they learn that it is important to maintain their self-control during the match. This self-control is also important when passing the ball accurately or finding a good field position. As the children play as a team, they understand the importance of teamwork. They learn that not all the members of the team may have the same ability or skills but each member has an important role to play. Trusting each team member to do his job is essential for the success of the team.

Jonathan Bunge strongly advocates the youth football should be encouraged at every level. In spite being just a team sport, football teaches you to face every challenge and overcome very obstacles in your path. This is true also in life where there may be challenges that you cannot avert. Children and adolescents who play football understand that they need to focus on their individual efforts rather than the outcome. These young players soon learn that it important to learn from their mistakes and move on. It is only through constant learning and practice that they can improve themselves. They also learn the importance of winning and losing with dignity.

Jonathan Bunge goes to great lengths in writing articles that parents will find interesting to read. It gives them an insight into how playing football will help in groom their children to become successful, independent, mature and responsible citizens. Football is essentially a team game that teaches the players the virtues of hard work and perseverance. The children who play the game get immense pleasure in winning or losing together.        

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