Packaging Considerations and Design Ideas for a Newly Launched Product

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Packaging design is more important than ever in a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with a vast array of product choices. The simple fact is that package design directly affects sales and, ultimately, the success of a product.
With packaging nearly always the first contact point for the consumer, it is important to make it as attractive as possible. Packaging can either make or break a product. The most innovative packaging can encourage consumers to try a product, even if they have not previously heard of it, while bad packaging can prevent the successful sale of even the very best products. As such, package design will always be one of the most important aspects of any product launch.

Designers, innovators and those providing print and packaging services must consider a number of different factors during the design phase, such as functionality, how it protects the product, storage, brand messages, capacity to display any necessary information and how it compares to competitor products.

Print and packaging services will also consider:

Brand Personality
Different textures, fonts and colours will help conveying brand messages. Shape is also important. Packaging with a unique and highly recognisable silhouette will ensure it stands out amongst competitor products. Varnishes, embossing and metallic foils are just a few materials which can be used to make packaging extra special.
Price is of huge importance and will be a key consideration for packaging design. All consumers make assumptions regarding price well before they have seen a price ticket. This assumption will then lead the potential buyer to make a conclusion as to whether or not a product is good value for money. The more desirable a product and its packaging is, the more consumers will pay for it.
Different products require packaging to perform different functions. For some, it is simply a way to protect the product during transit and can be disposed of immediately after purchase. For others, the packaging may be used to store the product long-term. Packaging can be cardboard, glass, metal or plastic, and the materials incorporated into any design should reflect its intended use.

Design Ideas

In the modern marketing world, packaging which is inspired and fresh can have the biggest impact on sales and product awareness. Eye-catching shapes and completely new and clever design ideas can have social media buzzing for all the right reasons.

Minimal and Sustainable
As consumers become ever more environmentally conscious, sustainable packaging has become more and more attractive. As well as being better for the environment, eco-features incorporated into package design can now be a selling point. Minimal packaging can not only be extremely aesthetically pleasing, but they can give products a home-made or traditional feel as well as being more cost-effective compared with more elaborate packaging.

Vintage and Retro
Modern vintage has become very popular. Nostalgia sells, and incorporating fonts, colours and shapes which remind us of 'the good old days' is currently very desirable.

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