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So that you’ve been ready patiently on your new Self Balancing Scooter, and now it’s right here! You put one foot on and the hoverboard starts to transport. You step off and try once more. No pass.

We’ve been there, so we thought we’d bring together a quick guide to show you, to get you stepping into five mins!

The way to journey A HOVERBOARD

So, first things first, ensure your board is completely charged up.

Turn it on and location it in front of you, right in front of your feet.

In case, your board features an amateur mode, permit it now.

DO YOU ride A HOVERBOARD WITH THE lights within the front OR lower back?

We get requested this a lot. Some humans say that the LED lights are purported to be a form of “turn signals” for the humans behind you, in order that they must move in the again.

Truth is, there's no backwards and forwards. , you may ride however you, please.

What you need to do is you want to place your right foot (or left, whichever is greater comfy) on the scooter. You’ve got to make certain of things:

Your foot is as close as viable to the wheel. A mistake we made while we first began become that our ft have been now not as wide as feasible, and that makes using the hoverboard plenty more difficult.
You keep the board “flat” (as in, the stage with the floor).
A way to journey a Hoverboard

Now, as soon as your proper foot is on, just “step on” the scooter. In case you overthink it, you may fall. Just step on it like you'll on stairs.

Your first response might be too traumatic up, and this could reason you to wobble to and fro.

The exceptional thing you could do is to look in the front of you—no longer down—and relax. Just stand. Don’t reflect consideration on shifting yet, just loosen up and stand at the hoverboard.

Got it so far? Proper.

Now, to move, the excellent manner I will describe it's miles, simply “assume” of wherein you want to head.

As you probable already recognise, on a hoverboard segway, you lean within the path you need to head. This may make you watched you need to do greater than you definitely do to transport.

It’s not as a whole lot leaning as it is slightly moving your weight. In case you lean too much, you will fall.

So, simply try going forwards first.


the way to ride a Hoverboard instructions

Then, attempt a mild flip. This must come obviously, it’s nearly like the scooter “is aware of” what you need to do. However, essentially, you switch by “twisting forward” the foot that’s opposite your turning course: say you wanna turn left, simply push your proper toe forward.

To try sharper turns, you may want to start “twisting returned” the other foot too, this is pushing down the heel. Whilst you’re an expert, you could actually spin in the region like this.

Now try and pass backwards, too.

THE satisfactory manner TO practice with your HOVERBOARD

once you purchased these simple moves down, you ought to try to do laps, handing over one route only (assume Nascar circuit), till you get increasingly more relaxed.

While you sense relaxed sufficient, try to do one lap in a single path, after which every other in the opposite direction.


To step off the hoverboard, you, in reality, need to “reverse” what you probably did to get on. Attempt to shift your stability to your dominant foot, and then step off along with your non-dominant foot. From time to time, you’ll have the intuition to sort of “leap off,” however try and withstand it, and do a controlled dismount. You’ll keep away from scratching your hoverboard, and probably injuring your self.

Undergo in thoughts that stepping on and rancid your board might be the toughest element of the complete technique and it’s what’s going to take you the longest to master. Practice just stepping on and off for a touch at the same time as to get used to it.


because of the nature of hoverboards, some producers include extra or less capability inside the remote that comes along with your hoverboard. The following commands apply particularly to the IO Hawk, however, they need to be applicable to maximum different manufacturers’ remotes too.


you can handiest switch on the hoverboard by means of urgent the button on the hoverboard itself.


you may turn off the hoverboard by holding the “lock” button at the remote.

IO HAWK far-flung turn OFF


you can lock the hoverboard by way of urgent the “unlock” button at the far off. You free up with the aid of urgent the identical button once more. (be aware the battery mild is pink when locked, and inexperienced whilst unlocked)


amateur Mode will set the hoverboard to a pinnacle pace of 3mph in preference to the ordinary 6.2mph. It’s a great manner to advantage self-belief inside the board.

(be aware that not all hoverboards have a novice mode like the IO Hawk.)

To enable newbie Mode, absolutely press and hold the “release” button for 3 seconds. The “IO” image will flash inexperienced. Press and maintain for three seconds once more to disable beginner Mode.


occasionally the gyroscopes in your hoverboard get stressed as to what's degree. It happens now and again after crashing. So how do you repair it? You re-calibrate your board.

Simply positioned your hoverboard on a degree surface (that is critical), turn your hoverboard on. Lock it via pressing the unlock button once. While the battery symbol is crimson, press and hold both the “lock” and “unencumber” buttons in your remote.

The hoverboard will beep, the battery symbol may be orange and flash collectively with the “IO” symbol.


in case you’ve followed this manual, we’re confident which you’ll be zipping round on your hoverboard in much less than five minutes.

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