Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2016

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Digital marketing is a huge industry and one which helps businesses of all sizes to improve their visibility in the age of the internet. And staying abreast of the latest trends is essential for modern organisations. Here are some digital marketing solution options that will be big in 2016.

Video Gets Serious
Video ads can be a great way of generating engagement, and many businesses and brands are already using promotional clips to get attention online. But the one thing which will cause an explosion in activity in this area over the course of 2016 is the arrival of video ads on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs).

People are already used to seeing auto-playing ads on their Facebook feeds, and so it is a natural step for the world's most popular search engine to be the next big platform to adopt this approach to digital marketing. And since YouTube is already part of the Google family, this leap should be simple to make.

Mobile Dominance
The number of people browsing and searching from smartphones and tablets has already overtaken desktop use, so it is an established fact that portable platforms are an important target for digital marketing.

In 2016 this will result in many businesses adopting a mobile-first approach to campaigns, encompassing everything from overhauled sites and apps to paid-for appearances in search results and on third-party sites. It is no longer feasible to focus on dwindling desktop traffic: mobile must be your first port of call for digital marketing solution adoption.

Apps Are Resurgent
Apps have been a valuable marketing tool for years, but with the introduction of app indexing and streaming technology by Google in recent months, they are no longer detached from the rest of the web in the way they were in the past.

App streaming is particularly significant because it allows search users to access in-app content that does not exist elsewhere online without having to install said app in the process. This gives businesses the ability to open up their marketing content to entirely new audiences, with some experts predicting that the rise of an internet of apps is just around the corner.

VR Enters the Fray
Virtual reality (VR) technology was a pipe dream for decades, but the technology has finally caught up with the idea of fully immersive computer-generated experiences. And in 2016 the launch of products like the Oculus Rift will see VR headsets entering the marketplace and penetrating millions of households.

With the backing of companies such as Facebook and Sony, VR is likely to be adopted quickly. And the rich potential for digital marketing is obvious.

SEO Becomes More Human
Because people are choosing to search the internet from their smartphones, often using voice search capabilities and digital assistants like Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana, the nature of optimisation is shifting.

Coupled with the arrival of Google's RankBrain update, which is better at dealing with long-tail conversational queries, businesses will be able to use natural, human-focused SEO to their advantage.

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