Winter Dressing – Make It Funny, Not Scary for Your Child

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It’s getting cold outside and you are getting worried. Not because of the temperature but for all the tantrums that you are about to experience while making your children wear winter clothes. Don’t fall for those watery eyes and sad faces! Even if they flung away the gloves and take off the woollen caps, put them back because children have very sensitive skin and there are chances of tissue damage due to bad weather. 

You can always force them to put on those warm clothes. But do you like to see a sad face of your child? So here are some of the ways you can make the kid wear sweaters, jackets happily. 

Let them choose

Take yourself for example – if you buy a new dress, the urge to wear it will always incite you. The same is applicable for the children and the rate of excitement is more. So, take them for shopping winter clothes or check the online sites for wholesale childrens clothing in the UK. You child will always like the ‘shopping’ idea. You may have to hold your child as he/she may ask you to buy the entire shop. 

Once they get hoodies, sweaters and sweatshirts of their own choice, you will not have to force them to wear. Rather they will say, “Mom, its chilling outside! Can I wear my new jacket today?” 

Let them breathe 

Of course, it is cold outside and layering is definitely a good idea. If your child is uncomfortable, one of the layers can be shed off. But if you force your child to wear too many layers, it is natural for them to redress. Excess clothes will make your child sweat and that increases the chances of getting sick. 

So be very logical at the time of layering and please let them breathe! The fabrics you select must have symmetry. For instance, if you ask the child to put on too many sweaters, it is natural for the little one to cry. There should be proper air circulation without letting the chilly cold wind hurt your kid. 

Practice session 

You are always notified about the temperature of the day. Keep those dates and time in mind and start a practice session. You child may resist, if you suddenly ask them to put on so many clothes; but if you make it a practice, tantrums will be less. 

Make them wear these winter outfits for a short span of time. If they love wearing hoodies, let them wear one, instead of a coat. But get them ready, before the cold weather arrives in your country.   

Make it a race

You cannot deny children take more time while dressing. They are usually engrossed in playing, watching cartoons that it becomes almost difficult to take them out of home within a short span of time. And if it is winter, you may have to run behind them with sweaters and other warm clothes.

What if you play a dressing game? You can say to them, “Okay, I am closing my eyes. Let me see how fast you can get ready.” Or you can set a timer and ask your kid to win the race against time while dressing. 

Children love playing games and you will also love it, when they put on those winter clothes without any combat. So, your mission is successful!  

No summer clothes  
Your son or daughter comes running to you shouting, “Mom, where are my shorts?” and you shrug casually! Yes that should be your attitude. Move the summer clothes from the closet of your child but not suddenly, rather gradually.

With time, your child will forget about those clothes and the change of temperature will make them wear garments made from thick fabrics.

The more tricks you find out, the easier will it be for you to get the toddler wear winter clothes. No arguments, no tantrums- it will be a peaceful dressing session!

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