Your “No Drama” Move

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Your pending move is bound to have its share of drama, but that’s something you can mitigate and even eliminate. When it comes to excitement, you don’t want any of that — at least not of the adverse kind. Here’s how to ensure your next move is as drama-free as it can be.

1. Set a moving date. You need to have a date to work toward as you make your move. As soon as you make your moving plans, set your moving date. That date is something you’ll work toward and what will help you stay on track as you complete your many tasks.

2. Get rid of your excess stuff. The more stuff you have to move, the more likely you’ll have some drama at play. Endeavor to move with the smallest amount of items as possible. For instance, if you’re planning to buy new living room furniture in about a year, then get rid of your current furniture. Hold a yard sale or donate your unwanted items. Then, contact the moving companies to obtain estimates based on what you will move.

3. Pack early and often. Packing is the biggest part of your move. Once you rid yourself of items that won’t be going with you, then begin to pack everything else. Start with the items you won’t be using again until after you arrive at your new home. Then, move on to those items that you’ll need when you first arrive at your new residence. This means acquiring a see through container and filling it with your open first items. Have the movers place this container in a very visible place in your new home, such as on top of the kitchen counter.

4. Obtain your important files. Soon after you hire a moving company, then reach out to school officials, your doctor and dentist offices, and your bank to obtain your important records. It can take time to copy these documents, what you’ll need to enroll your children in a new school and to give to medical staff at your new location. Get the word out and follow up in a week or two to pick up these documents. Missing files and documentation is the kind of drama you don’t need and what can gum up the rest of the works.

5. Acquire all sorts of packing materials. Packing for a move will take time and you will need a variety of boxes, storage containers and cartons to house everything. Consider using reusable containers for items that will be stored in your attic, such as Christmas decorations and other seasonal items. Visit local retail shops, including warehouse stores, supermarkets, gift shops, and liquor stores to acquire free boxes. You’ll also need plenty of packing material, including newspaper, filler items, packing tape, labels, and stickers.

6. Ask for help. The drama you want to avoid can be accomplished with the help of friends. Ask the people you know to watch your children and pets, so that you and your spouse can pack without interruption. You should also ask friends to help out in other ways, by assisting you at a yard sale and packing boxes at your home as well. This is no time to grow silent when it comes to your needs — allow people to know what is going on and to respond accordingly.

Heading Off Drama

Of course, there will be a fly in the ointment or some other problem will arise over the course of your move. This is unavoidable. But through careful planning, with the assistance of family and friends, and with the cooperation of everyone under your roof, you can complete this move and not have a horror story to share later.

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