Know How the ITIC is Backing Its Affiliate Counties Bring-forth Tax Reformation

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According to many experts that the wholehearted involvement of both public/private sectors together with the independent experts, taxpayers as well as tax authorities in the NEUTRAL TABLE concept of ITIC has made its approach unique and ground breaking in global business environment and economy. ITIC, the global autonomous giant internationally acknowledged as The International Tax and Investment Center is a nonprofit research and edification enterprise which has been working on the planet since 1993. Based in Washington DC the esteemed community is intended to generate reformation in tax structure and explore investment possibilities based on its studies combined with the public and private enterprises that eventually help attain win-win solutions making investment climate friendly and transparent in transition and advancing economy. 

Having been operational from its 12 offices as well, decision making hubs across the world, the experts of ITIC perform intimately and majorly with the ministries of finance, tax authorities and customs departments while on its other side, to back ITIC’s great endeavors the major international monetary institutions are very much present on the scenario. Most persuasively, with the successful accumulation of 85 countries as its esteemed patrons and brining in the establishments like IMF, World Bank and its equivalent authorities, The International Tax and Investment Center has established the worth of its footprint on the globe. 

The community has been supported by 100 corporate sponsors in advancing its analytic program schedule, global initiatives and capacity-building efforts. With its Corporate Headquarter in Washington DC, ITIC offers its research program deliverables from its offices and associate groups located in Azerbaijan, Brazil, Ukraine, Indonesia, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Russia, United Kingdom, and the US.

The Value Added Services of ITIC Community 

Undeniably, with ITIC’s worthy solutions offered to its major public as well as private stakeholders, it has become a popular name to national leaders, finance ministries, prominent economists, tax authoritative and more. The major services offered by The International Tax and Investment Center experts include
·         Offering objective based economic solutions and wide ranging tax reformation policies consistent with the changing economical settings, found through comprehensive research and studies;

·         Supporting its stakeholders and affiliates with superior class expert advices that are embedded in internationally established healthy policies and practices 
·         Has been focused on assorted agenda concerning economy, tax structure, investment, business policies and employment on an extended geographic approach
·         Inflowing with its activities and advisory services in new frontier market segments at the beginning stages in order to establishing the possibilities of investment framework and effectively encourage corporate investors to proceed.
·         Remain proactive in responding appeals as well as demand oriented requirements received from public departments and governmental bodies seeking for ITIC’s expert advices, solutions and assistance.
·         Facilitating stakeholders to involving in Neutral Table platform enables them avail tangible benefits and joining the global network forum. 

The approach of ITIC’s Triangle, which is now globally acknowledged and has been established positive yield-oriented was first experimented in Russia and Kazakhstan during early 1990s. The trial was made basically on the subjects like VAT and other tax related issues. It’s unbiased (neutral) table is proved a unique tool to draw together taxpayers, tax systems and independent experts. Based on this, The International Tax and Investment Center was founded and started its journey to bring in tax reforms and flourish investment possibilities across the world with in a win-win business environment.

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