Why The Bracelet of Bordeaux is a good watch?

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Are you a movie buff and looking for new movies which will absolutely leave a mark on your heart and mind alike? Well, then this might just be your lucky day! If you haven’t already gifted yourself with a show of The Bracelet of Bordeaux, then it is high time that you do so. Now, it is only a fact that a movie buff’s life isn’t particularly easy and sometimes it can get really frustrating to find a movie which soothes one and suits one’s particular taste.

A movie buff is on a quest to find excellent movies among the sea of ordinary obvious flicks just as Christopher Columbus was on his quest to explore the unknown among the stormy ocean. Therefore, in no way is a movie buff to be considered as someone who sits idle watching movies but as someone who experiences and evaluates the plot, settings, continuity, background score, direction and of course the faces in the movies.

The Bracelet of Bordeaux is that very movie which won’t waste your 1 hour 39 minutes of time but in fact it can very well turn your monotonous evening to a colorful one. The movie which is a good watch for both the seekers of family genre and mystery genre movies, The Bracelet of Bordeaux is a rare visual treat in all it’s essence. But here comes the high point of watching this flick. Well, as a movie buff there is nothing more exciting, spectacular and delicate than to see a rising star. And this movie may just have one, her name is Allie Fremin and she is the one you would want to look out for when catching your show of the flick in the theaters.

Fremin who is only in her mid teens is indeed remarkable with her acting performance and is an absolute delight to see on the other side of the screen. Being so young and yet delivering with such matured acting performance isn’t something which one finds commonly. And according to your fellow movie buffs who are already done seeing the movie twice r thrice, Fremin is too good at what she does. Even the director of the movie, Casey Kelly is pleased with the cast of Allie Fremin in the role of fantasy cheerleader (no. 5) in the movie.

Kelly says, he never thought that he would someday give break to a future star who can make it really big in the industry. One thing which you can’t simply overlook is the fact that Fremin is perfectly confidently onscreen as if it was all for real and this is not something which a director can often expect from a young actor or actress. And also the ease with which she acts is extraordinary. A person can only act with such ease when she totally knows what she is doing. Therefore this is the very proof of the fact that Fremin is industry ready at even such an early age. 

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