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Saree is the perfect dress to showcase the beauty of the women. In India, saree has been the part of culture and tradition, with the change in fashion trends, the sarees have also turned fashionable while preserving it sense of tradition. Sarees are the integral part of the wardrobe of Indian women. If you take a look, then you will find that there are lots of forms of sarees throughout the country which have been embracing the beauty of Indian women since centuries.

Sarees from the North India

There are lots of saree types which originated in different parts of North India. Some of the ornate saree types which hailed from the northern states of the country are as follows;

Ø  Banarasi saree: Banaras now Varanasi is the famous city of the state Uttar Pradesh, from where the origination of the Banarasi saree took place, these types of sarees are generally hand woven and the weavers take each thread to make beautiful designs. The specialty of these sarees is the designer and elegant brocade. You can buy banarasi silk saree, organza, banarasi jangla, katan and many more varieties of the banarasi sarees from the local market or online store.

Ø  Kota Darai saree: This type of saree is hailed from the northern city of Kota which is in Rajasthan. These sarees are extremely light in weight and comfortable to wear. They are transparent and best to drape in the summers. They are made in cotton and silk.

Sarees from the South India

South Indian sarees are graceful and feel like a royal in appearance. You can find thousands of designs and colours in south Indian sarees and each have their own specialty. Let’s have a look on the popular south Indian sarees:

Ø  Kanjeevaram saree:  this type of saree has remained on the top list of the Indian women. It is woven on silk by the gold and silver thread. This type of saree has longer life than any other type of silk sarees.

Ø  Konrad saree:  this type of saree is the specialty of Tamil Nadu and used to adorn the Goddess in the temple of the South India.  It has wide elegant border and inspiring designs.

Sarees from West India

From the west India the popular saree type is Bandhani Saree. This type of saree is designed by tie and dye process. The saree is tied in different manner and then put out into dye of different colours to make beautiful patterns on it.  If you are looking to get some discounts, then you can try Jabong that he is offering.

Sarees from East India

Here is a list of the sarees hailing from the East India:

Ø  Taant saree: This Bengali masterpiece and made up of taant. They are light in weight to wear and it is the first love of the women looking for the cotton saree.

Ø  Baluchari Saree: This type of saree is made on the looms and made of silk.  It is often said that this type of saree has been about more than 200 years old 

In addition to the above mentioned popular types of sarees there are several other sarees which is not included in the list but they can be easily brought from the online shopping website like Amazon and by using Amazon you will get high rebate on the price.

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