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Most college and university assignments have some form of writing project attached, so improving your essay writing skills is always a must. Here are a set of highly effective tips from the experts at, who review sites that offer assignment help in Australia.

Create a time budget

Figure out how long your project is going to take by budgeting your time for each section and each element of your assignment. For example, guess how long you are going to spend researching and writing each section and then determine on which days you will complete which element. It helps ensure you get your work done on time, and it helps you figure out if your assignment is behind schedule.

Learn how to touch type

You should have learned how to touch type by now because you are at a massive disadvantage if you cannot. There are stickers you can buy on the Internet that you may stick over your keyboard keys. They show you where your fingers are supposed to go. It helps you remember which finger goes where so that you learn a little quicker.

Forget about spelling and grammar until the very end

Trying to fix and alter your spelling and grammar while doing your essay or assignment is an outright dumb idea. Firstly, it will slow you down dramatically and mess up the flow of your writing. Secondly, there is a good chance that you will snip a lot of writing out of your final version, so you shouldn’t be wasting time making your text correct until the end.

Always include at least 50% of your reading list as sources

If your assignment comes with a lot of writing and your professor has provided you with a reading list, it is imperative that at least 50% of the sources are added to your essay at some point and then entered into your bibliography. It is the same as getting free marks for your assignment because your professor will be expecting them.

Over-write your essay or assignment and trim it down later

Write too much for your essay or assignment and then trim it down later. This allows you to keep the best points you make and remove the fluff and wordage around them. It makes for a far more concise assignment and it improves your chances of scoring more highly.

More references and sources often means more marks

Most marking guides say that an essay or assignment should be well researched. That is why you should add in as many sources and references as you can. If something looks like a fact or an idea, then try to find sources and references that may re-enforce your point or facts.

Write in a modular fashion

Instead of looking at your project as a whole, break it down into smaller sections and handle them independently. Pour all of your efforts into one section before moving on to the next. After that point, you may knit your work back together and add in any suitable transitions. Try to reference your hypothesis in some way when writing each section because it will help make your essay appear as if you wrote it all in one large chunk as opposed to writing it in bite sized sections.

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