Common Services Offered By Tree Surgeons Maidstone

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Tree surgeons have been beautifying your gardens and lawns with their expert services for a long time. They are professionals, who have the experience, knowledge, and resources to provide the best care to the trees and maintain their health and visual appeal. To ensure the delivery of unmatched services to their clients, they adopt of a number of different techniques, some of which have been mentioned below.

Tree Surgeons at work
Tree Surgeons at work
  • Pruning-Pruning is the most common technique used by tree surgeons Maidstone for maintaining the health of a tree and keeping it safe from decay. If a tree is already affected by an infection, then the spreading of the same to the other parts of the tree can be avoided with the help of this method. Improperly done pruning can prove damaging for the tree and thus it is recommended that special care should be taken by the tree surgeon while performing this method.
  • Lowering and felling-Trees getting in the way of building construction are a common scenario and this is where the help of tree surgeons can be taken for safety reasons. Taking the tree down or manipulating it, so that it does not cause any hindrance in the construction work, are the two primary options tree surgeons are left with in such a case. Controlling the tree is a primary purpose here and can include several techniques, such as cradling, tip roping etc.
  • Thinning-Also known as trimming, thinning of the trees needs to be done from time to time in order to control their growth. A professional tree surgeon can analyses the tree and suggest the right amount of thinning required. This process includes removal of secondary and primary branches, which might be restricting the proper growth of other branches, so that natural light can pass through properly and reach every part of the tree.
  • Crown cleaning-Crown is one part of the trees, which needs regular maintenance; as otherwise, it can lead to weak and splitting branches. Primarily two methods are used for this purpose. First is removing crossing branches, as these can make other branches weak and the second method is dead wood removal, which can result in falling of debris. Another method, which is also useful in many cases, is cutting the crown, while maintaining its shape.
  • Stump removal-This technique is used in the case of fallen trees, as the stump is required to be removed as well for clearing the ground. Tree surgeons make use of a specialised machine, called stump grinding machine, which destroys the stump and root by grinding it. Along with keeping the area clean and safe, stump removal is also crucial for avoiding the re-growth of the tree.
Maintaining the trees is an investment, which pays off in the form of beautiful surroundings and healthy environment. It is worth remembering that, just like us, trees also require care and maintenance, so that their healthy and uninterrupted growth can be ensured. For this purpose, professional tree surgeons Maidstone offer a variety of services. By hiring an experienced and knowledgeable tree surgeon, you can be assured to receive quality service at affordable price.

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