Different Forms of Inflatable Fun

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Inflatable is the new form of entertainment not just for kids but adults as well. There are certain playing zones that are dedicated to inflatables only. If your kids are addicted to computer games or video games then take them to the Inflatable zone and they will forget about their video games. There are different kinds of inflatable entertainment, some of these are suitable for kids, some for adults while some for both kids as well as adults. Some of these forms are listed below.

·         Bubble Bump Football:This is a game of football but somewhat different from the original game of football.In this game, players are encased into an inflatable torus that is similar to Zorb. This game is becoming increasingly popular all over the world and kids with more than 10 years in age are allowed to play this game.

·         Walking on the Water: It was impossible to walk on water but only before water walking ball. By enclosing yourself into this ball, you will be able to walk on water. You must have heard about surfing, swimming and boat riding but walking on water, sounds interesting right.

·         Inflatable Castles:These are temporary inflatable structures that can be a great source of fun for kids. In fact, kids love these inflatable structures that are often present at birthday parties or other occasions. There are different forms of inflatable structures like bouncy houses, moonwalks, moon bounce or animal shaped structures.

·         Inflatable Basketball:The best thing about inflatable basketball is that you can play it anywhere you want. Carry it to a beach or in a swimming pool and have a fun game with your friends and family. 

·         Inflatable Trampoline: If you love jumping high then you are definitely going to love this inflatable trampoline. You can take it to a beach and enjoy jumping.

Apart from the inflatable sources of entertainment listed above, there are several other inflatable structures that can be used by both kids as well as adults to have fun. Explore the different types of inflatables and add them to your entertainment basket.

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