How To Score More With Smart JEE Tips

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Well let’s be honest, the JEE exams are amongst the hardest and most competitive exams in the country. Now if you're appearing for them, you need to be a cut above the rest of the students in order to secure admission in the top private engineering colleges in India or NIT colleges in India. To make it possible for you to fare better in your exams, we have compiled a list of tips that you should follow. These tips will help you score higher marks and increase your possibility of getting admission in the college of your choice. Here are the tips:

Follow A Proper and Planned Study Routine

The first and most important thing you need to do in order to fare well in your exams is follow a proper study plan. You need to mark out the chapters that you will complete on a daily basis and ensure that you stick to the schedule. After completion of the chapters, make sure you finish solving the test papers to gauge how well you're prepared.

Stick To Limited Books For Studying Theory

Theory books for engineering exams are available in abundance. Selecting the right one can be a confusing ordeal. A large number of students make the mistake of studying from theory books written by foreign authors. You don't need to resort to studying from countless books. The most suitable books to study theory from are:
  • NCERT Books
  • Chemistry – P Bahadur, OP Tandon
  • Physics – H C Verma
  • Mathematics – RD Sharma

Analyse Your Weaknesses And Work On Them

There maybe certain chapters in certain subjects that you maybe extremely weak in. For instance in physics you may be struggling with Ray optics problems, so ensure that you spend more time on this specific chapter and topic until you understand it better, clear all your doubts and avoid making mistakes in the exams.

Do Not Make The Mistake Of Last Minute Cramming

It doesn't matter if you aced your school exams by cramming at the last second. The JEE exams cannot be aced in a similar fashion. JEE advanced syllabus have a vast syllabus and let's face it are extremely tough too. In order to fare well in the papers, you need to start preparing for the exams well in advance and complete the entire portion at least a week before the exams. After completion of the syllabus, spend the time before the exams revising everything you have learnt. Revision will prevent blank outs during the exam and will increase your chances of scoring higher marks.

Stay Calm And Avoid Panicking

Although studying for the JEE exams can be a very stressful and exhausting ordeal, the secret lies in staying calm. By keeping your cool and staying calm you will be able to focus better and concentrate for longer hours. Avoid interacting with people who further stress you out and repeatedly ask about your progress. Stick to your schedule and meditate a little to keep your mind focused and your stress levels low.

Practice Exam Papers Of The Previous Years

Practicing previous year's papers will help you understand what kind of questions will appear when you're appearing for the exams. Further, you will be able to analyse in how much time you are able to complete the paper. It is essential that you prepare yourself in a way to complete the practice papers on time. This will help you when you're appearing for the exams and you will score better marks.

Make Your Own Study Notes

While studying chapters, make your own notes. These notes will prove handy while you're revising before the exams. Even make a list of all the formulas that you need to remember. 3 days before the exams, don't study from the text books and study from your notes.

Keep Yourself Fit And Healthy

You need to keep yourself physically and mentally fit and healthy if you wish to fare well in the JEE exams. Find some time during the day to exercise. Get enough sleep before the day of your exams and even while you're preparing for the papers. Eat healthy foods and keep yourself well hydrated. A healthy body and mind is necessary for you to score high marks in the papers.

If you religiously follow the above mentioned tips, you will guaranteed score better marks and fare well in your JEE exams. Keep calm, study hard, make notes, keep yourself for and healthy and you may just find your name in the admission lists of the NITs in India. 

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