15 Ways to Organize and Execute Your Move

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From start to finish your moving preparation will consume a significant amount of your time. By the time you get everything done, you should have several months of hard work behind you. Be prepared to be exhausted, but at the same time you will feel relieved.

To help you get there, we’ll examine 15 way to organize and executive your move.

1. Invest in a planner. Buy a planner or download a planner app and use this to help you get and stay organized. This is the first and most important tool you’ll need for tracking your move.

2. Buy an accordion file. Along with a planner, invest in an accordion file. This is where important documents, including your moving company contract, medical records, school records, and the like can be housed while you move.

3. Declutter early. Even before packing or contacting the moving company, begin setting aside those items that won’t be moving with you. You need to have a good handle on what you’ll be moving to get an accurate estimate from the moving company explains the Allied Moving Company.

4. Hold a yard sale. A yard or garage sale is a great way to get rid of your excess stuff. Earn a little money too and add those funds to your moving account.

5. Find your boxes. Free boxes for moving can be had by visiting local retailers and asking them for their discards. Only accept boxes that are sturdy, not torn, and able to hold your items.

6. Obtain the rest of your packing materials. Besides boxes, you’ll need packing material such as peanuts and bubble wrap. Tape, labels, stickers and the like should be purchased too. Buy these online or at a local office supply store.

7. Hire a real estate agent (sell). When you’re ready to make a move, find and hire a real estate agent. You’ll need a competent agent to market your home and bring you a ready supply of buyers.

8. Hire a real estate agent (buyer). If you’re planning to buy a new home, then find a real estate agent in the community where you are planning to live. Your selling agent may be able to refer you to someone who can do this job.

9. Hire a moving company. Obtain estimates from three moving company representatives. Ask for binding estimates, a list of references to call, then make your decision. If you can’t nail down the moving date right away, your company should be willing to work  with you.

10. Obtain your important records. Put out the word to your children’s schools, doctors, dentist, veterinarian, and other record keeping companies that you need your records. Do this early on in the moving process to ensure that they’re ready by the time of your move.

11. Ask for and accept help. Moving is a big responsibility. Ask for people to pitch in by what ever means possible. This is no time to be proud — you need help and people want to assist you.

12. Review your options with your real estate agents. If your house isn’t selling, then consider renting it until a buyer steps forward. At the same time, you may not be able to buy another home, so talk with the agent in your new community about renting.

13. Pack as you go. Plan to pack all items you won’t be using again until after your move first. Then, begin a systematic approach to packing room by room. Don’t forget to set aside an overnight bag and an “open first” box.

14. Check your list again and again. Verify that all your unfinished or open items are completed before you move. Forward your mail, obtain your important documents, touch base with the moving company, visit your new city, say good-bye to your friends, and get ready to move.

15. Make your move. On the days leading up to your move, complete your unfinished business. Arrange for a cleaning company to take care of your home as soon as you leave. Purchase airline tickets or book hotel rooms before you leave. Get a good night’s sleep before the movers arrive early the next morning.

Moving On

Getting and staying organized are key elements to a successful move. Anything less and you’ll be struggling to stay on target as well as battling stress that can bring you down further.

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