Compare Features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3

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The memory and camera are one of the most primary features in a phone. Good memory and a camera with good mega-pixel is what customers and phone enthusiasts look for in a phone these days. Memory helps you to save as much as you would like to in your phone without having to afford external hard-drives and naturally the more the better. Same goes for the camera; phone cameras are at a stage when they are competing with DSLRs and professional cameras, hence they are equally important in phones.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are two phones that have great memory capacity and superb cameras. This is defined by the expandable memory and the mega-pixels that let you have vibrant picture quality.

If you cannot decide which phone to buy and are still stuck on the minor differences that exist between the phones, read on to compare the memory and camera features of both the phones.

Memory Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes with an internal memory of 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB with 3 GB RAM. The memory is a great addition to an already great phone, but most phones have the same capacity nowadays, hence does not make a difference to most people who buy Android or Apple phones in this price range. The reason people buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or other Samsung phones is because of the expandable memory that exists in each of the phones. The expandable memory in the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is 64 GB which can be expanded with a microSD card.

The contrast between the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is that the Note 4 comes loaded with a 32 GB internal memory, which is already half of the maximum expandable memory capacity in the Note 3. The RAM though is the same in both i.e. 3 GB. Note 4 definitely stands out when it comes to expandable memory which is a whopping 128 GB. However, this difference comes at a price!

Camera Comparison
In terms of camera, the Note 4 beats the Note 3 again. The 13 mega-pixel camera of Note 3 definitely does not make a mark when we see a 16 mega-pixel camera in Note 4. Note 3 has a 2 mega-pixel front camera while Note 4 has a 3.7 mega-pixel front camera which is one of the best front camera for selfie lovers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes out as a clear winner in both the aspects compared.

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