Ensuring Safety with IOSH Training Course

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The Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is an organisation in Britain that offers training for health and safety training in workstations. This course is aimed to ensure the protection and security of the employees in their working environments.

The IOSH training course is a four-day duration course which trains the individuals to assess the danger and its potential risks.  Well trained professionals guide and teach you how to estimate and control risks.

There are many health and safety centres which provide the IOSH training. IOSH training in Dartford, Kent is a leading name of these safety providers. All the instructors and safety consultants impart skills in a professional way. Rich multimedia content, audio- visual aids are used to teach the participants. All the skills will be imparted practically thereby making the project interesting and interactive.

Let’s have a look at the different types of courses provided by IOSH training in Dartford, Kent.

IOSH Managing Safely: This course is aimed to train the managers and the administrators. The managers and supervisors are taught how to ensure health and safety in their organisations. The IOSH Managing Safely course targets on the following topics:
  • Evaluating and controlling risks
  • Investigation of the injury and place of accident
  • Realising the importance of health and safety roles
  • A consideration about the need of environmental protection
IOSH Managing Safely Refresher: This refresher course is for those people who have successfully completed the IOSH Managing Safely course in the last three years. Managers, superiors, directors, supervisors and organisers can take part. Basically, this refresher course aims to revise all the skills and guidelines from the previous course.  The contestants are updated about the amendments in the rules and standards of health and safety.

IOSH Working Safely: This course aims at training the employees to collaborate with the managers and superiors to enhance the safety of the organisation.  The employees are trained to identify the hazards and risks and finding out related solutions to cope with them. Learning is complete fun and all the people actively participate in the learning sessions. After the session is completed, the employees are given workbooks which they can use for future reference. An assessment is also conducted after the completion of the course. Those who excel are awarded the IOSH Certificate in Working Safely.

IOSH Directing Safely: This course is for the directorial board and the top level managers of an organisation. It aims to create awareness about the health and safety among the employees. It also includes evaluation of hazards, identifying the cause of hazardous incidents, the legal framework and penalties in case of violation of the rules. The course has a maximum duration of one day.

IOSH Safety for Senior Executives:  This course is a must for the top level management of an organisation which includes executives and directors. It is intended to make them realise the potential need for health and safety in the organisation.

IOSH training in Dartford, Kent basically aims to improve the working environment and safeguarding human lives.

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