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When it comes to Corporate or Commercial litigations, Environmental disputes or Financial and Credit related court cases, from top-rated corporate enterprises to professionals or financial institutes choose hiring legal services of Amato Law Group, a well distinguished and specialized attorney firm based NY. With is corporate headquarter situated in New York the law firm is well known in the industry for its exclusive services focused on wide-ranging legal areas such as, Commercial Litigation, Environmental Law, Real Estate/ Construction Industry Laws, Lending and Finance, Telecommunication Law and related areas. 

Alfred L Amato is the Founder, Chief Attorney and Managing Partner of this established and popular legal firm and people who are in need of  consulting an efficient New York attorney related to above lawsuit areas can always get in touch with him for best settlement. Following completion of his degree in law, the young go-getting lawyer embarked on his career life as an attorney associate and the foremost company he joined was the reputed attorney associate group Kaye, Scholer, Fierman, Hays & Handler. 

Apart from having a shining performance track record all through his academic career including his law college, the great attribute of Alfred is his self confidence level that supported him to a great extent all through his professional life as a law practitioner. With his in-depth knowledge, dedication, self-assurance and fantastic services within a small span after entering into legal field, he became popular to many client companies. This special recognition inspired Alfred L Amato to initiate his own enterprise and in 1995, he founded his dream attorney firm in NY’s Garden City place area. 

Alfred’s key career objective is providing clients with finest level of legal solutions that are dependable, flaw-free and productive. World class legal consultancy, optimization of client satisfaction and uniformity of services are the specialties of Amato Law Group. He has outfitted his law firm with a team of veteran law practitioners who work in conjunction with Alfred L Amato especially when they are working with multipart corporate or knotty credit law cases. As the key-man of the company he also guides his team in preparing proceeding papers, referring previous legal court verdicts and handling tricky court cases. With his great leadership the entire team is extremely committed, dedicated and focused on providing unbeatable legal solutions. 

Alfred L Amato has been associated as a bar council members of New York and New Jersey since 1991. The demanding law practitioner also has affiliation with US District Court- Eastern District and Southern District New York. By profession, he has been associated with Federal Communication Bar Council, NY State Bar Association, Nassau/Suffolk County Bar Association and American Bar Association. Alfred is having involvement with NY State Wireless Association and International Council of Shopping Centers for a long time. Prepared with a great degree of devotion, enthusiasm and professionalism Alfred is a respected attorney whose law firm is rated as one of the extremely customer friendly, consistent, and specialized solution providers in corporate and business laws in Long Island and greater NY Area.

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