The Hose Manufacturers Offer High Quality Heavy Duty Material For A Good Hose

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The hose manufacturer delivers professional pipes for various industrial works and requirements. The stringent quality control & testing ensures the best quality product is delivered according to the customer's expectation. This hose pipes come with several quality tests and ensures total security and damage proof material. Industrial hoses boast high pressure resistant control system which is also capable of controlling temperature and media.
  • Apart from the regular water hoses that are meant for large scale irrigation projects, the hose manufacturers also make the fuel hoses to make way for multiple industrial applications.
  • The mining product line provides standard products with highly efficient hoses in finest quality, elaborately used for underground mining and on ground work.
  • Big bore hoses are used in offshore technology in high end material handling. The building and trade industries, water and sewage control have great use of this innovative and highest safety big bore hoses which is made of special rubber compounds.
layflat bore hose
Types of hoses made for application on specific areas:
  • Convoflex stainless hose is suited for any application where working conditions demand for absolute leak proof, a high safety factor, extreme temperature, vibrations, high working pressure. This is applicable for vacuum, cryogenic and chemical transfer, super-heated steam, fuel and oil burner, coolant, petroleum, refrigerants, poisonous media, gases, etc.
  • When ordinary insulation is not sufficient for certain applications, traced hose can supply specific minimum temperature to viscous substances, traced piping is generally used; this consists of two tubes, one inside the other, with various differences in cross-section. The high flexibility makes this hose suitable for angular and lateral movement. The Jacketed hose is pressure and vacuum proof and the build material makes it is resistant to high temperature and corrosion. The hose manufacturer makes hoses flexible conduit and a highly efficient heat exchanger in the simplest possible form.
What are composite and corrugated hoses?
Old rolled fire hoses with nozzles close-up
  • Composite hoses are made up of Polyamide, polypropylene, or polyester films & fabrics. Depending on the type of applications or usage, the hose manufacturer even comes out with the outer cover that could be of polyester fabric that is PVC coated, which is abrasive, weather & ozone resistant with polypropylene coated steel & stainless steel 316 internal and galvanized steel with the external wire made of stainless steel.
  • Corrugated transfer hose is the most broadly applied. The purpose of the hose is found in huge amount of chemical transfer and food handling situations. It is even applicable in diverse activity as in water purification systems, mercury transfer lines, and food processing equipment. It is an extraordinarily versatile hose, combining excellent flexibility. It is highly rated as the ideal bulk transfer hose for a wide range of caustics, chemicals and raw materials. Their applications include tank car and ship off loading; bulk handling, petrochemical transfer, pump connections and many others. This hose can also be used as a suction hose for unloading or transfer at negative pressure.
Go for the Cp premium hose pipe ranges which are good firefighting equipment:
  • Cp hose pipes from premium range of firefighting accessories. These are continuous percolated hoses that are made to fight fire. It ensures continuous and even distribution of liquid from the jacket in a controlled and specific pressure.
  • The materials that are used in this are safe against fire and undergoes high quality check do that it can give great service in emergency.
  • These hoses are also available in customized sizes and designs for efficient use. It comes with robust design, flawless finish and high durable material.
These firefighting hoses are rigorously used for industrial purposes and needs which includes handling of raw materials. These hoses undergo constant evolution by adopting latest fabrication techniques.

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