Making your Trips Worry Free with European Travel Insurances

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Some people have always travelled to Europe without travel insurance and new research has revealed that the current figure is almost one in four. Young people are most likely to travel without the safety net of travel insurance, leaving then at risk of hefty bills if anything untoward were to occur to them or their possessions.
Although some people will travel anywhere in the world without travel insurance, the highest prevalence of uninsured travellers is to Europe. Around a third of our population say they do not bother to obtain insurance before going on their holidays to a European country.

The figures are from a recent study of 1000 people, that was undertaken by Benenden, a healthcare provider based in York. One in ten of the surveyed people stated that they had required hospital treatment abroad in the past.

The Association of British Insurers revealed that travel insurance companies paid out 590,000 claims last year, equalling a total of £370 million.


The Benenden survey not only showed that around a quarter of people were travelling to Europe without European travel insurance, but that there was a lack of knowledge about the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), with a third of those surveyed saying that they were unaware that the card was free.

Carriers of the EHIC are entitled to access state healthcare during their time spent visiting other European Economic Area countries plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, at a reduced cost or in some circumstances free. It is possible to find European travel insurance policies that will waive medical claims excess charges if you utilise your EHIC to gain medical treatment whilst travelling in European Union countries. Applying or renewing an EHIC (they are generally valid for 5 years) is quick, straightforward and most importantly free at Alternatively, you can get an application form at your local Post Office. A national insurance number or NHS number is required, along with your name and date of birth.

82% of people surveyed by Benenden did not know that the number to ring in an emergency in Europe was 112.

The right cover

If taking out travel insurance, it is important to ensure that it gives you the right cover. If something unexpected were to happen to spoil your holiday, such as you requiring hospital treatment or your flight being cancelled, you will certainly not want your insurance claim to be rejected.

Ensure you read the policy and understand the wording so that you are completely clear about what is covered and what is not. Be honest when applying for cover and if you need to submit a claim. Withholding any information, such as a medical condition, may result in you not being fully insured and leaving you with a large hospital bill. If you are unlucky enough to have to make a claim, this way you are far more likely to be successful.

Whether it's a short break, family holiday or business trip, being insured will give you peace of mind.

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