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Minesweeper is a game loved by millions. Originating from the 1960s, it has been played for decades and decades. It has been written to be played for many computing platforms – you can even play it online.

What Is It?

Minesweeper is a puzzle video game. Usually, it is played single-player, but with the advances in gaming and technology, you can even choose to play it as a multiplayer game online. Minesweeper can be very enjoyable for people of all ages. If you are looking to “train your brain” why not try it? If you’re looking to kill some free time, this game is the perfect option for you.

The Basic Principle

Basically, Minesweeper is a rectangular board of small squares. Hidden behind some of these squares are “mines”, which you have to try to avoid hitting. The mines are completely hidden and to begin with it is purely just guesswork. Clicking a square will uncover a few free squares. If a mine is close by, usually a revealed square will display a number on it of how many adjacent squares have a mine.

Using this, you are able to guess where a mine may be and if you have suspicions about a certain square – you can usually mark it so you know not to click it in future. When all of the squares without a mine are revealed, the game is won.


Although the game started out as a single-player game, with some online platforms you are also able to play against someone. During this process, you will be matched with an opponent (usually randomly, however some games may allow you to choose your opponent) and you
will both be given the same “minefield” to solve. Whoever solves the board first is the winner. 

Playing online can mean it is a lot more competitive. You may be able to have your high scores displayed so you can try to beat others, or others can try to beat you. You may want to compete to be the best Minesweeper player in the world. If you don’t want to play against other people online, you can play single-player and still have your high scores displayed. 

High scores are usually measured on your time, however in some games, number of moves may also be added into the equation.


You should always take into consideration the numbers that show up in the free squares. These numbers will be very important in helping you win the game and helping you know where the mines are on the board. If you play Minesweeper very often, reading these numbers and patterns will become natural to you. 

If you have to take a guess, you should always pick a square that has a low chance of having a mine in it. So if you have a lot of free squares with no numbers, you might want to go near there. This could also open up new opportunities of knowing where close mines may be.

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