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Modern cities run not just because of the contribution from city council alone. Rather it is because of the contribution and total service of every individual in every small or big society complex. Whether it is a small contribution or a big one, all that matters is the diligence with which people work. 

Everyone in a society might have his own personal and professional life and beyond that, he might be working earnestly at getting the place disciplined. His contribution is indeed commendable. Various aspects of social responsibility that a person may involve himself in includes encouraging or petitioning the city council for establishing an all-night patrolling in the locality or in setting up a park or a garden for every citizen in the neighborhood. Blake Dettwiler believes in leading by example and hence, as an Assistant Director of Land development in the Sandy Springs society, he makes sure that he undertakes all the projects and gives the society its share of green space. 

Why every citizen should care for environment?

Environment is where everyone lives in and unless that is clean, green and open, nothing will actually be right. A proper garden with entertainment corner for children with plethora of open-air games like monkey bars and seesaws would make the life of children enjoyable. The garden should also have joggers’ section and even have all the needs for every person who wants to spend some tranquil time away from the madding city life. 

In fact, every citizen should get this and this is why Blake Dettwiler believes in urging fellow members to come up with smart methods to develop the society. Apart from setting up parks, in the midst of tall high rises, he also wishes committees to have all the wetlands cleaned up and make way for bringing back kayaking or even boating. 

Just by taking reference from such works, by Blake Dettwiler today, every other member is willingly and earnestly, taking part in contributing to the society.

How to make a difference?

City is for the citizens and it shall also develop the way the citizens wish to see it grow too. If the citizens do not care for it, then it shall not grow. But if the citizens rise up to protect it from anti-social activities, then no harm shall befall the place. 

The efforts should come from every individual in every little way that is possible. In case, he is unable to make a large difference then also he should not worry about it. A small clean habit or coming up with an idea to make a plan work is also a contribution of every society member. At present, small neighborhoods are rising fast and not many have any care about the number of elders in their society. Just meeting up these elders and talking to them would make them feel warm and loved. Such works are also as much essential and shall help in the development of the city, and even the country too.

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