Le-Vel Sets Example for Other Businesses to Use Cloud Computation

9:10 AM
You might have heard the phrase, "everything is on the cloud these days," but perhaps you may not know correctly what that means. For those unacquainted with the term, cloud based services provide users a shared resource much like a power grid. This resource can be utilized for a number of diverse things containing of software and storage space and information sharing for files. Since these files are presented over the Internet, anything that may be on your network of computers or computer that has been uploaded will not be lost in the event of physical destruction to the computer or the network.
Paul Gravette is the Co-CEO and Co-founder of Le-Vel, which is a privately held cloud-based direct sales company with its principal brand Thrive being the pivotal point of Le-Vel’s product assistances. The Thrive nutritional supplement line is based on proprietary and unique nutritional formulas designed for those who have a wish to lifestyle their way to prime health. The Le-Vel online rewards plan and premium product line has gathered over 150,000 new customers and Brand Promoter employments in less than 24 months due to its focus on bonuses and retail sales based on sales volume.

The company’s upright growth can be attributed to their branded product formulations with contemporary product branding, social proof of efficacy, cloud-based operations, vibrant labeling, and marketing techniques that influence social media platforms. Le-Vel’s First-class Lifestyle business culture is eye-catching to an extensive demographic and fully encompassed by their Brand Promoters and Customers. A restricted number of early released magazines have been made obtainable to Le-Vel's Brand Promoters. Le-Vel has been lately highlighted in the November edition of Success from Home Magazine and DirectSellingNews.com.
These services can be exceedingly valuable to a business that activates on a scale larger than just a few computers. Cloud based service professionals can aid you find an IT solution that is ideal for your condition. There are several diverse types of digital storage options to select from.
In addition to providing your company with various storage options, cloud based services also offer around-the-clock provision if anything should go off beam with your data solution. This permits you to spend more time concentrating on the operation of your business and less time distressing about the technical aspects. Together with disaster recovery protocols, in the event of unforeseeable computer damage, you will never have to worry about losing essential network functions. However, cloud based services can provide you more than just network solutions. In terms of the number of lines you can have, these systems have no limits, so if necessary, you can scale back or add on lines to keep your costs manageable.
Praised and admired as a Direct Sales business representative, CNI co-owner and co-founder Paul Gravette has built a solid status for commercial excellence. With more than 14 years’ experience in the Direct Sales industry, Paul has been influential in the record-breaking sales of numerous highly acknowledged companies. His high hopes and focus to reach the zenith of success has allowed him to set examples for other entrepreneurs to do business.

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