Proper off-cycle therapy

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The first and foremost thing that you need to understand about your body is what is going on within your body whenever you are taking anabolic supplements. In actual exogenous anabolic hormones are being brought into your body system that is responsive for a number of actions within your body. Now, as you already know that any kind of health supplement has a proper dosage and cycle. So what happens when you go off the cycle? The answer is; your body ceases the intake of exogenous hormones.

Therefore the process during the off cycle is called as the post cycle therapy or PCT. Most of the health drugs suppress the natural human body testosterone production. So you must be careful with your estrogen level that can increase beyond the safety restriction. When you reach the ending point of your cycle, you stop the use of the medication. But the suppression of the testosterone remains. There are some supplements too which are used in the PCT process. Due to their anti-catabolic benefits the suppression further grows up.

Function of an effective PCT plan

Post cycle therapy helps to normalize the body in accordance to the primary factor of testosterone stimulation. The process helps the human body to lie back to the previous position of what was before the starting of the cycle. Which means it enables the stimulation of the natural production of the testosterone in the body and shortens or enhances the recovery therapy. If you somehow misuse the dosage or the cycle period of your supplement, there is no such PCT plan that may give you relief.

Without a PCT plan your body could easily take one year or more to recover to the natural level. It could mean much more painful for the body, because for that certain period of time your body builds low testosterone level. Not to mention such a stress for the body is really unhealthy. A proper PCT plan gradually brings up the testosterone level and it can bring you and for your health real comfort by cutting down the recovery time. You might be amazed; a performance enhancing drug works best with the best post cycle therapy treatment.

Implementation of PCT to get desired result
The time period of the off-cycle really matters on PCT plan. If you are planning to stop the cycle for a shorter period, your PCT plan can worsen matter and it can bring in much more stress to the body. Short period of off-cycle does not need the requirement of natural production stimulation. On the contrary to healing,your body will take the PCT treatment as a shock treatment. Thus it is highly recommended that a PCT plan must be done only if the off-cycle period is for an extended period.

Most of the people believe that if they start taking any bodybuilding supplement their body will not develop any further natural testosterone, but that is not true. Every bodybuilding supplement suppress testosterone, actually it depends upon the particular supplement. That is why science has given some medicines to bring the suppression to the normal. Whatever may be the product, due to their anti-catabolic benefits they flatten up the irregular level of the stimulation.

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