Reasons for selecting dog as an emotional support animal

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Many people select dog as the best companion to solve all the problems like stress and anxiety and they get emotional support from dogs as well as the other animals. The companionship of  an animal has been found in the therapeutic benefits for many people, who are suffering from psychiatric disabilities along with anxiety.

While thinking  about getting an emotional support animal to get relief from stress, the most essential thing is, to get an emotional support dog letter from a reputed therapist as it is a must, while taking  the dog to public places like, housing or travelling on the flight.

Emotional support animals do not like other service dogs to perform certain tasks for a disabled person like searching the room or help someone to cross the road. These types of animals really help to cure the problems like anxiety disorder, post traumatic disorder, phobias as well as all types of depressions. The various other health benefits that are provided by the emotional support animals can help to lower the level of blood pressure, stress and cholesterol level, as well as the feeling of loneliness and try to improve the level of mental and emotional issues.

Credentials  for getting an emotional support dog letter

A professional doctor,  who  has got a license from the mental health department should recommend an ESA after putting  together  medical examination about the disability of a person. If the person believes that emotional support animal will be beneficial for them. The eligibility to get an emotional support dog letter include pspychological disorders like stress disorders, phobias, panic and anxiety disorders along with personality disorders. All ESA should meet with certain criteria.

All these animals need not be specially trained and do not know  how to well behave in the public places like the normal pets. Nowadays, there are various exotic animals that  also qualify for an ESA and must be domesticated. These types of animals, include pigs, parrots, rabbits, ferrets and rodents along with certain reptiles and snakes. If the person chooses the animal other than a cat or dog, then they need to solicit the quality of the animal before the initiation of the registration process.

Registration process of emotional support dog

A legal protection to the owners is offered by the ESAs. Therefore, it is the best idea to register the animal and keep with the  mentally stressed person. To register an animal, the person should get a prescribed letter from the reputed medical practionists. The letter should be stated that the patient is under the medical treatment regarding the  mental disability and they surely need an emotional support animal for further improvement in the treatment.

The specific letter should be dated and written on the physician’s letterhead with the full details and the license information. For registering the dog, first visit the website of the national service animal registry and confirm the disability level with the letter provided by the mental health provider and  make use the test provided by the NSAR public to maintain the animal in the public before checking out the website.

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