Divine Healing By Prophets, a Cure for All

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An individual in agony and pain keeps looking for the right medicine until cured. It is not only the pain but also the will to stay alive that perpetuates man to look for miracles. Everyone looks for healing, but in different places and through different means. No matter whatever the method be, God has been present in all.

Natural healing has been a favorable one. The cure extracted from plants has healed many, from centuries ago. This method also occurs in the Bible. It helps body to heal the illness, however, the process is slow, and does not guarantee how long it will protect the body until next illness.

Medical and medicinal healing mostly practiced, due to increased wisdom and achievements in this field. Psychological healing also helps to improve mental and emotional instability and other illness. However, none of the above sorts are capable of healing every disease and disorders. There are some ailments still incurable taking many lives every year.

Divine healing has been the most promising one, since this treatment is the direct blessing of God on the sufferer. Only holy spirits were capable of practicing it. The power of healing rests on God alone. Jesus Christ, the son of God had the power to perform miracles and many came to his healing ministry. Those blessed with power from the almighty are capable of curing incurable as they pray, connect with God and ask for his blessings upon the pain stricken.

The world is fortunate to have such healers, as they selflessly serve humankind, as did Jesus Christ. Prophet  TB Joshua, founder and leader of SCOAN (The Synagogue Church of All Nation) is a healer and the man of God. He started the ministry when, the almighty directed him on this path through his dream. Since then he started with eight members and a goal to live for helping humankind.
  • Hundreds and thousands of worshipers visit this ministry, most with the hope of returning home cured. One can notice divine miracles, when they claim and cure many suffering from incurable disabilities like HIV/AIDS. Several Nigerians seek this place for spiritual help and healing due to lack of medical facilities.
  • Anointing water prayed over by Prophet TB Joshua protects many from deadly circumstances, and sent to those unable to physically attend the ministry. The prophet also sent 4,000 bottles of Anointing water to Sierra Leone for curing people stricken with Ebola virus. A politician from Sierra Leone asserted that this water discontinued the spread of this disease and healed many suffering from it. This was a blessing from God through his ardent believer, the prophet, who has been and is still saving many lives.
  • This ministry constantly fights with demons and evil forces. They have been successful in deliverance of many who have been under possession of evil spirits and demons.
These are some of the many miracles that positively change lives every day. Faith in the almighty and his men can make one get over any obstacle and illness.

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