Signs to notice the lower production of testosterones

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Testosterone is the male androgen hormone that can be seen both in males and females, wherein male has larger amounts. The testicles of the male produce testosterone which is essential for the fertile development of sex characteristics. The standard level of testosterone ranges from 300 to 1200 nanograms per decliter in men and 30 to 95 nanograms per decliter in women. However there are certain medical situations where men and women might lack of testosterone production within the body. 

Cause of testosterone production

Pituitary gland plays a vital part and it is called as chief of all the glands in human body. It locates near the base of the human brain and secretes hormones on its own that manages almost all the parts and functions of the human. If your body is not making enough testosterone, then there could be tumors present in these glands causing lesser amount of testosterone production. 

Prolactinoma is one another situation that grows along with the pituitary gland cause for the secretion of hormone termed as prolactin. If there is abundant secretion of prolactin also may cause hormones level imbalanced, hence our testosterone might face failure drop in production. On general, hormone imbalance can cause that include but not just limited to fertility issues, vision impairment, loss of bone mass density and erectile dysfunction et al.

Causes for lesser production of testosterone
1.      Failure of pituitary glands: Pituitary glands failure or medically term as hypopituitarism. In such case, pituitary glands do not produce enough of its capable hormones hence result in reduction of testosterone secretion. The causes for failure include but not just limited to: brain tumors, head injuries, auto immune diseases, strokes, genetic malfunctioning of the pituitary glands, meningitis et al. 

2.      Failure of Testicles: Testicles failure or medically term as hypogonadism refers to that the male does not have the capability of producing testosterones and thus no sperms. Men with such condition could be happened before or after the attaining of puberty stage, and appending below are the few characteristics that result in hypogonadism. 

-          Hair found all over the body
-          Enlarged breasts or medically term as gynecomastia
-          Smaller than standard genitalia
-          Undeveloped muscle parts
-          High pitch voice tone

It also may happen due to severe injury or trauma, drug addiction, testicular cancer, mumps, and chromosomal abnormalities et al.

Appending below are other major signs and symptoms that to notice out if your body is not making enough testosterone.

1.      Not interested in sex drive
2.      Facing difficulty to achieve erection
3.      Heavy hair loss
4.      Feeling fatigue and loss of energy
5.      Lack of muscle mass
6.      Increased bodily fat deposits
7.      Lower level of bone mass density
8.      Often changes of mood
Bottom line

Over the certain period of age, testosterone level gets decreased by naturally. However when one feels any of the above mentioned symptoms, it is recommended to consult the physician. For the males those who range below 30, must immediately consult the doctor as the bodily facts do not have any role in reduced testosterone production wherein might be external impacts.

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