Aftermarket Accessories to Match a Premium Vehicle

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Whether you are just in the process of buying a car or have had the same one for several years; you will undoubtedly have noticed that premium makes of vehicle and the top end models are the ones which attract all the best gadgets.  Unfortunately the price for these vehicles is correspondingly more; and you are not generally paying for better fuel efficiency.

However, many of the aftermarket accessories can be fitted to your vehicle and blend in a seamlessly as though they were original fittings.  In fact, some aftermarket accessories are even better than those you can purchase with your new car:

Automatic Wipers

An automatic wiper will operate by itself; providing the engine is running.  It will keep the rain off your windscreen.  However, a visit to Crystal Clear will provide you with a selection of automatic heated wiper blades.  These are one step above the average product you will find on even most premium model cars.  As well as providing an automatic function it is equipped with a heating element which will rapidly heat to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.  This will happen automatically once the outside temperature reaches a certain level.  The heated wiper blades will then not ice up and will clear your windscreen in seconds.


More and more vehicles are arriving equipped with advanced GPS systems; they can calculate a route, adjust for traffic and even allow you to connect your phone for hands free calls in your car.  However, there are many aftermarket Sat-Nav systems which can provide the same functions whilst being considerably cheaper than the manufacturer version.  These can even be fitted so that they look like they were included with the vehicle when you bought it.


Replacing a car stereo has been possible for years; the latest ones offer connections for iPods, MP3 players and even the ability to stream music.  This combines with a Wi-Fi system in the vehicle.  These stereos can be fitted into specialist panels which replace the original in your vehicle making them look like a seamless integration.  You can even choose to replace your speakers with upgraded models or add in an amplifier or two!  In fact; your system could easily become better than the one the manufacturer offers.

In-car Camera

It is becoming increasingly popular and common for vehicles to be fitted with in car cameras.  This is generally promoted by manufacturers to allow you to improve your driving and record any accidents; this can be of great benefit to the insurance companies when attempting to establish blame.  Of course there are many other uses for this technology; including recording silly or dangerous driving.  Aftermarket versions of this tend to be fitted into the roof of the car by the rear view mirror.  They have fold down screens and are extremely discreet as well as effective.

Scanning Software

It has been possible for over fifteen years for a garage to plug their machine into your car and immediately analyze any issues with the vehicle.  Although this technology has gradually filtered down to consumer available products; it is only in the last year or two that people have been able to start accessing their systems themselves.  It is now possible to do this via an app which means you can do it wherever you are!

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