Jaguar - Fierce Cats on the Prowl

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Jaguar cars have a huge fan base in India, especially among the neo-rich class that has come to the fore post liberalisation. The aspirational aspect attached to owning one of the models is quite significant. If you are a fan of any of these sleek looking models, then you have a wide range of choices in the market to select from. However, the price tags of any of these amazing looking cars put them beyond the reach of many. So, if you dream of owning one of these models, you can look for used Jaguar cars in the second-hand car market. We have put a list here for many popular jaguar cars for your ready reference should you plan to buy one.
Saloon Cars
Jaguar XE: This sleek looking saloon car is a dream to ride on thanks to the number of amazing comfort features it flaunts. The sloping bonnet and a big chrome-crusted engine grill complete the elegant look at the front. The mono colour interior with ambient lighting and premium leather furnished interior greet the riders as they step inside its spacious passenger cabin. To provide an amazing driving experience, it features several advanced technologies that include integral link rear suspension, torque vectoring, and amazing brakes. This big saloon car running on a 2.0-litre engine is available in three different trims of Pure, Prestige and Portfolio.
Jaguar XF: This beauteous design is greatly inspired from the XE model. It has the same sloping profile with the exception of a beautifully designed panoramic roof that fills the interior with warm sunlight. With its well laid out dashboard that feature a big LCD infotainment screen, chrome inserts and a compact looking multifunctional steering wheel, it exudes class and comfort for the riders. The use of aluminum in designing this car has made it possible to keep the weight of XF to the minimum thereby improving its handling and manoeuvrability. The light weight of this car allows it to have a great emission figure. The 2.0-litre engine attached with an advanced eight-speed transmission gearbox powers this superb car over any kind of terrain.
3). Jaguar XJ: This beautifully designed saloon car shows what makes Jaguar different from its competitors. The overall design of this car is such that it exudes class and luxury. Its front profile is dominated by a big sized chrome meshed engine grill and two large air sockets. The interior of this premium saloon car is fitted with the latest safety and comfort features to make your ride as comfortable as possible. Jaguar has put in a 3.0-litre powertrain to run this beauty over rough terrains, smoothly and without any hiccups.
Jaguar F-Pace:
If you are looking for a powerful used Jaguar car, then we recommend that you give the premium SUV model of Jaguar F-Pace a closer look. This powerfully built car is a superb mix of performance and cool looks. The interior cabin of Jaguar F-Pace is built with a lot of care for passenger comfort. The superior leather furnishings of the passenger cabin are top class with hand stitching to project exclusiveness. The seats are very wide and can be electrically controlled. To run this powerful vehicle without a hitch, Jaguar has put in a 2.0-litre power mill attached to an 8-speed automatic gearbox that allows this muscular drive to reach a top speed of 160mph and accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 4.5seconds.
This list is not exhaustive and the cars mentioned here are not arranged in any particular order of performance, it is a small effort to make you aware of the few models of Jaguar that are available in the market.

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