Everything You Need to Know About Your Running Shoes

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Good running shoes can make a lot of difference in the fitness regimen of a person. They can save people from several injuries by protecting joints, muscles and tissues. They can also make a person’s “running regimen “as comfortable as possible and make the running less stressful.

There are a few questions a person should ask herself/himself when buying running shoes? The questions are:
  • How much do I weigh?
  • How much will I run in a week?
  • What is my pace?
  • What is my motion mechanics? (How much my foot rolls inwards and outwards?)
  • What is the shape of my foot arch? (Whether I am high, medium or flat footed?)
  • On what kind of surface will I run?
Reasons as to why you need to ask these questions
If a person is on the heavier side of the scale, the chances are that his/her shoes will wear off sooner than the individual who is on the lighter side of the scale. Per the experts, the average life of running shoes from a good manufacturer is between 500 to 800 kilometers. Therefore, it is necessary to measure how much a person frequents his/her shoes. The running technique of a person decides how much stress he/she will put on his/her shoes. A person’s foot arch decides how he/she will adapt to different surfaces while walking. Lastly, running surfaces determines a lot about the wear and tear of shoes. For example, if a person is running on a hard surface, his/her shoes will wear off sooner than the individual who is running on a soft forest trail.

How to check whether your shoes have worn off?
  • Examine the heel of the shoe to determine its stability. When the heel tilts outside or inside, your shoe is not enabling your feet to roll properly.
  • To examine the sole of the shoes, knead the heel and the forefoot in the opposite directions. If the sole twists, the shoes have worn off.
  • Inspect the outer and inner soles of the shoes as they are the easy determinants of the condition of the shoes.
  • A midsole decides the cushioning of the shoes. To check its condition, push your finger through the foam of the midsole.
When replacing or buying shoes’, online shopping is a convenient option. There are several things to keep in mind when purchasing from online footwear sellers:
  • Choose the right online footwear website: The right online website implies a website with a credible history. For example, Flipkart, myntra and so on.
  • Make sure that the website is proving a sufficiently large image of shoes so that you can evaluate the shoes well.
  • Carefully read the materials that have used in the product as shopping online cannot make you feel the material that you are going to buy.
  • Choosing the size carefully is one of the most daunting tasks while buying the shoes online. Measure the size of your foot well and compare it with the dimensions of the shoes that the website has displayed.
  • Lastly, be very through with the return policies of the website.

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