Horse as a Pet? Things to Consider before Doing So

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Although horses are characterized as prey animals containing a strong fight-or-flight response, most of their breeds are well-known to possess positive characteristics such as being good natured, hardworking, and a delightful companion. Even if having horses as a pet is a big investment (as you have to pay for veterinary fees, fencing for horses, and maintenance), the money that a decided buyer will be spending would assuredly be overwhelmed by the benefits it will eventually bring, especially when it comes to health.

An increasing number of therapists who are working with children who’s suffering from autism, young people with behavioral issues, and depressed adults are now recognizing the effectiveness of psychological benefits of conducting therapy sessions with horses. As a matter of fact, being around horses has been clinically recognized to change brainwave patterns of humans. Persons’ with disability can benefit from riding a horse in ample time durations. Increasing fine motor skills as well as gross motor skills, improvements of core strength, balance and coordination, social skills, and sensory integration are the major privileges can only be claimed by people who will be engaging in horseback riding activity. Aside of money and time, great efforts empowered by dedication of the owner in taking good care of any kind of pet is beneficial for both the owner and his or her pet. Since, this includes connected heavy obligations and activities such as grooming, cleaning, health care as well as riding activity, the owner’s will eventually benefit by developing a more fit body condition. 

On the other hand, there are certain things that entail consideration before owning a horse. These are:

Financial capabilities – Aside from the expenses of purchasing, same amount of attention should be asserted when owning a horse as a pet. The interested owners should consider the variations of needs according to the different types of horse’s breeds. Training a horse clasps a large time commitment that should strictly be sustained with, by the owner, to secure the good discipline of his or her pet. Truly, choosing a type of horse that is compatible to you is severely significant. You should ready your pocket for fencing for horses, which is essential in horse-keeping.

Horse’s identification – Horses have passports, too. To be precisely identified and transported internationally with ease, a horse passport must be accomplished by the responsible owner. A precautionary measure of checking the identity of the horse is vital since there are certain cases of deals of which the identity of the purchased horse is different from the information in the presented and transferred passport. And so, to avoid receiving fake deals, being cautions when buying a horse as a pet should be done with enough time.

Horse’s health – Analyzing the health history of a horse should not be eliminated when selecting the right horse as a pet. The same applies to confirming if the particular horse had already received a series of checks or consultations with their vets to ensure fitness of their bodies. Among all other considerations of buying this uncommon kind of pet, confirmation of an excellent health condition should rightfully be demanded before sealing the deal.

Parallel with what researches claims are waiving – which generally pertains to having a dog, a cat, or a fish as pet, can improve an owner’s and his or her house companions’ health conditions at the same time – taking care of some uncommon types of pets like horses can also contribute for a good health condition to those people who are surrounding them. In fact, an overwhelming support in fighting several extreme health issues can potentially be sustained by the horses. These are confirmed by several related studies that were conducted by the experts.

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