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Phentermine hydrochloride is an active substance possessing a property to suppress the appetite. Phentermine produces oral anti-obesity drugs that are sold at pharmacies by prescription only. However, some retail pharmaceutical markets sell as oral tablets, oral capsules, and orally disintegrating tablets contain phentermine hydrochloride.

 Many pharmaceutical companies manufactured this anti-obesity drug phentermine hydrochloride in the years from 1959 to 2013. They were selling the drug under the generic name phentermine hydrochloride. We shall list here the manufacturers and suppliers of such anti-obesity drug who sale it under the brand name and original names: Epic Pharma, LLC, iNova Pharmaceuticals, KVK Tech Inc, Lannett Company, Inc, MIKAH Pharma, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, TAGI Pharma, UCB, Inc., Teva Pharmaceutical, Acxion, Akrimax Pharmaceuticals, IFA Celtics, Medix.

Phentermine Reviews

KVK Tech from the United States of America manufactures Lomaira, the brand name of phentermine hydrochloride. The drug is a white pill with blue speckles represents a butterfly shape. This manufacturing is carried by CVS pharmacy. KVK Tech manufactures the generic phentermine in 15 mg black & yellow capsules, 30 mg blue & white capsule, 37.5 mg blue & white capsule and 37.5 mg white with blue speckles tablets. KVK tech phentermine reviews can be read from many forums.

Acxion is a Mexicon weight loss prescription pill helps to suppress the appetite. Phentermine substitutes are particularly popular in Mexico, especially Acxion Fentermina. It is available in three prescription doses such as 15 mg, 30 mg and 37.5 mg. This is very difficult task to obtain Acxion Fentermina. The United States of America stopped selling this drug since FDA announced the drug as illegal. It means though you may order to obtain from Mexico, it cannot be made through the United States customs. Acxion Fentermina contains phentermine which is a controlled substance that is proved to be hazardous to human health. The drug has the capacity to get addicted.

Qualitest is also known as vintage pharmaceuticals one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of generic drugs in the United States market. Phentermine is one such FDA approved generic drug. Qualitest Company manufactured Adipex and sold under the nonproprietary name phentermine hydrochloride in the USA. The pharmacy supplies 37.5 mg in 30,100 and 1000 packages in the US pharmacies and in bariatric clinics. However, many obese Americans do not even consider phentermine weight loss drugs that are widely advertised as Adipex and they do not desire to buy the drug since it has been sold under nonproprietary name.

Epic Pharma, LLC manufactures the drug razin which is generically called as phendimetrazine tartrate. Epic Pharma, LLC manufactures has been manufacturing Razin for Sandoz Inc., Both the companies are located in the United states of America. Epic Pharma is from New York whereas Sandoz is located in New Jersey. Razin is manufactured as 105 mg (brown clear capsule). KVK Tech, Apotheca and several other companies distribute the generic form of Razin.

The Epic Pharma, Qualitest phentermine reviews and Acxion and KVK-Tech Phentermine review  obviously help the users who search for phentermine drug for weight loss.

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