Know the Negative Side Effects of Using Anabol Steroids

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Anabol is powerful supplement used for getting great muscle growth and lean shaped body. One should consider both good and bad results of using this steroid. It is very common thing that almost all type of steroids carries some of the negative side effects and good effects with them. Same thing Anabol does. 

Some of the common side effects related with Anabol are water retention and additional bloating. In case when diet of a person is not good while using Anabol, the person may suffer from higher bloating. 

Anabol side effects are also popular for raising blood pressure of some people. Some people may suffer from zero blood pressure problems after using this steroid. One should be conscious about Gynecomastia which can be one of the problems. Like other kinds of steroids, its usage may stop natural production of testosterone. For this it has been recommended to stack Anabol with testosterone while using it. 

Whether Anabol is Safe to Use?

While making use of Anabol, use should take care of all side effects of this powerful steroid. If one takes the suggested dosages and follow all essential precautions, these harmful side effects can easily be avoided. Person will have more chance to encounter the side effects if higher dosage of Anabol is taken. 

The ideal dosage of Anabol can be different in different cases. But it remains within range of 25 mg to 50 mg. Some people even prefer higher dosage of Anabol. An individual taking more than 70 mg of Anabol at one dosage, then there is huge possibility of occurring back pumps and headaches. Few individuals who used this steroid share their experience that only 25 mg is enough for getting efficient results, especially when individual is combining Anabol with another kind of steroid like Test E. This strategy is very workable for avoiding Anabol side effects effectively.

Toxicity of Liver with Anabol

Liver toxicity can be one of the crucial side effects which people that should be considered while using Anabol. Person should not use this steroid for very long period of time because 17 Alpha alkylated steroids are very toxic for liver. While following Anabol cycle orally, a person has to take high amount of water and also follow liver protection method like drinking cranberry juice besides water. To assure that blood is in normal range, individual has to do little work before, during and after cycle.

Suppression of Gyncomastia, Blood Pressure and Testosterone

Anabol is a wet compound, after knowing this fact most important side effect that can arise after taking this steroid is bloating. Though many users know this fact that they will lose their gains after performing cycle, but they only lose excess water retained during cycle.

Gyncomastia is other kind of side effect which can develop during cycle after this steroid aromatizes. Adding aromatize inhibitor to this combination is quite useful, which may be Aromasin. Nolvadex is another option which should be included in post cycle therapy. Other side effects are blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol.

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