Is there any other steroid linked to Winstrol V!!

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Winstrol is like other supplements available in the market today. It is very important for the individuals to determine all about its dosage, benefits, side effects, etc. The individual must know about the way it is going to react with his body and must know about recommended dosage, so as to meet the expectations. The only question associated with the intake of the Winstrol is that: Whether its intake is safe?

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, which has been designed to mimic similar actions and the male hormone testosterone in the body. This steroid is available in two of its forms, i.e. the injectable and the oral form. This will never be recommended for non-medical purposes like athletics, bodybuilding, etc.  This steroid is intended to increase the growth of muscles and make enhancement in the male characteristics. The Anavar is linked to Winstrol V, as the Anavar is a steroid with mild side effects and if both these steroids are stacked together, they will produce the best results.

The winstrol has an influence over the growth of muscles. Acceleration can be made to this growth, when it is used with other anabolic steroids, growth factors and many more. Not only the dosage of a steroid responsible for the occurrence of the side effects. Also, the side effects can take place as a result of stacking drugs that increases the level of testosterone in the body as well as to a number of physical and emotional issues.

Dosage of Winstrol:

The dosage recommendations of the Winstrol are based on the medical conditions of an individual. The general dosage of Winstrol for an individual is 1 to 6 mg in a day. The bodybuilders take it in a very high dosage, i.e. 100 mg in a day. The average dosage is 20-25 mg in a day, which is much higher than the normal dosage for an individual. It is always said that, if there is an increase in the quantity of steroid, there would also be an increase in the side effects of the steroid. The side effects of this steroid are not limited to:
  • Headaches
  • Sleeping issues
  • Nausea
  • Acne
The Winstrol is somehow alike to Anavar, but the only difference between the two is that the Winstrol contributes to the effects of Virilization, i.e. the masculine effects in women, including the deepening of voice, enlargement of clitoris, menstrual irregularities, etc. Some of the effects on intake of Anavar are permanent in nature.

The Dianabol, Anavar and several other steroids are linked to Winstrol V. The most popular side effect of this steroid in males is the testicular atrophy. Also, several men may experience impotence at various degrees depending upon the dosage as well as the frequency of the dosage. This steroid is linked to the male pattern baldness because of its effect on hair follicles. Several side effects have also been reported on making misuse of the Winstrol. Misuse can be termed as excessive dosage of the steroid over the recommended dosage.     

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