5 Factors to Consider before Installing Tennis Court

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The popularity of Tennis both as a pass time and as a professional sport is rapidly growing. It has found its way into leisure spots, hotels, and even in backyards. However, before you think of having your own tennis court, there are a couple of factors that you need to consider to make sure that you’re able to get the most from your new court. Each of these factors plays a significant role in usability of the court among other critical aspects.

Condition of the Land

When thinking of tennis court installation, one of the factors that will greatly impact the cost of setting up a tennis court is the current state of the land. It will determine the preparation and the cost of the base of the construction of the tennis court, which in some cases can be a significant amount. If the land is generally flat, the cost of setting up is going to be less. Expectedly, hilly areas can also drive the cost of constructing the tennis court higher.

Type of Tennis Court

The type of tennis court installation is largely up to you but, the type of tennis court you would like to have will also be crucial. Ideally, there are up to six different types of tennis courts and finishing that you can opt for. If you prefer the indoor option during your installation, then the cost of the housing structure will also be attached. You need to find the perfect balance between your budget and the best value that you can get out of it. 


While doing tennis court installation, you need to keep water away from the surface of the court if it is going to last. Water (especially when standing still) can be detrimental to any tennis court surface. 

Your preferred tennis court contractor will have to consider how the water flows to find the best solution. Ideally, the tennis court does feature a 1% slope to help move the water especially when it rains but additional drains maybe required in some cases to safeguard the integrity of the surface.


Considering tennis court installation if you intend to have an outdoor tennis court, you might need to consider the local weather patterns. Not only will adverse weather make the construction a pain, surfaces like acrylic depend on favourable weather to dry properly and stick together. Rain can make it hard for the surfaces to dry properly which is why you need to consider the weather patterns in your locality.

Building permits

Depending on your location, permit requirements might differ for tennis court installation. Some locations might require the builder to have a particular permit while in others it is not necessary. The costs are also different in each of the cases. Whichever the case you might find yourself in, rest assured that the building permits and the regulations in your locality will affect the cost of the installation of the tennis court.

As fun as playing tennis can be, tennis court installation is a highly technical affair that requires plenty of factors to be just right for the job to be perfect. If you want a tennis court surface that is reliable and one that will last, these are some of the factors that you have to consider. 

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