Deca Durabolin – a potential AAS

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Deca Durabolin is generically called by Nandrolone Decanoate certainly the second popular injectable drugnext to Testosterone. It has been accepted as the best drug to preserve lean muscle mass and inducing appetite. The drug is listed under Schedule III and has a dynamic life of 14-16 days. The presence of deca is easily traced in the blood, urine specimen within eighteen months. The molecular formula of deca is C28H44O3. This potent anabolic androgenic steroid reveals greater resemblance for the androgen receptor in muscle tissue and combines far more successfully than Testosterone.

The benefits & administration of deca Durabolin

Deca was invented for the purpose of treating muscle wasting diseases and it has the feature of improving bone solidity and muscle augmentation. Usage of deca for 6-8 weeks yields incredible red blood cell production and relieves joint pain which is often experienced by the bodybuilders during strenuous workouts. This is the only steroid which might be used both in the off-season and previous to a competition. Deca helps in muscle mass gain and dieting phases. Besides, deca improves nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, and endurance. Deca is sometimes used as a progestin-based sterilization drug.

The drug is mostly administered as a deep injection into the muscles like upper arm, buttocks and upper leg. It is better to take the injection from a doctor or trained nurse to avoid unnecessary side effects. Otherwise, go through the guidance to inject and can inject yourself safely.

Deca dosage, cycle and side effects

The ideal dosage of deca for amale is 250-500 mg, 8-12 week cycle. The femaledose of this potent anabolic androgenic steroid is 50-150 mg per week for 4-7 weeks. Using Nolvadex or Proviron at the final stage of the cycle helps to prevent estrogen negative effects and helps in restoring testosterone natural production. Dianabol, Testosterone suspension, Testosterone cypionate, Testosterone enanthate, Anadrol, Sustanon, Testosterone propionate are generally stacked with deca Durabolin. Some athletes handle Cabergoline or Bromocriptine to avoid the reduction of natural testosterone production.

The overdose or abuse of deca might lead to severe health complications such as edema, prostate enlargement, gynecomastia, headaches, changes in lipid profile, nausea, skin discoloration, menstrual irregularities and cardiovascular problems. Children/breastfeeding women/ Pregnant should avoid the drug. People who undergo anticoagulant, diabetes medications and patients who use medicines like Erythropoietin to treat anemia shall abstain from deca-Durabolin.

Availability of Deca:

Deca purchase always needs a proper prescription. Since the availability of prescription is being tough, most of the bodybuilding passionate buy deca from black markets and underground labs. These companies never worry about the quality of the product. The product may be expired, contain fillers, contaminated, fake which will stimulate serious side effects and most of the time the effects are irreversible. You may better search for a good product, company by interacting with the current users of deca, read bodybuilding discussion forums where many users would have shared their experience. Before initiating any AAS cycle, be sure about the positive and negative effects. 

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