Does a Deer Antler Velvet product work?

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In the bodybuilding supplement industry, Deer Antler Velvet stands out. It is interesting and unique with how it is harvested and produced. The velvet which is harvested from elk, moose, deer, and caribou, is found as a coating on antlers of the animals when they turn into adults. This velvet is harvested in the humane way possible and formulated into liquid form, which is mostly preferred.
This may be new to the western hemisphere as a fitness supplement or a weight loss supplement but this has existed in China and has been used for minor medical issues and ailments for more than a thousand years.
How do Deer Antler Velvet products work?
The product’s most promising component is in the velvet with is harvested from the antlers; it is the insulin-like growth factor or the IGF -1. This component, gives the male deer the ability to grow their antlers at an accelerated rate on a yearly basis, and this accelerated growth has attracted the attention of the medical community at large, especially when it comes to the potential for human rejuvenation.
What is Antler Velvet made of?
There much more that can be found in the velvet drops and spray products that aid the IGF-1 such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium. Each of them with an important contribution to building bones, some as a component to metabolic function, some in the maintenance of the electrolyte and fluid balances, and some in the storage and release of energy working together to ensure the quality of the Antler velvet products.
The velvet also contains glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) that maintain, prepare, and manufacture cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Lipids found in the velvet such as phospholipids are vital in the construction of cellular components and cellular activities. Prostaglandins are also found in velvet, important in contraction and relaxation functions of muscles.
Trace elements, which can found in the velvet in small quantities, which can include but are not limited to zinc, copper, iron, selenium, and cobalt, which provides not only antioxidant protection. But also promote healthy skin, faster wound healing. And Lastly, the formation of red blood cells, and the healthy transportation of oxygen to body cells, especially to the brain.
Results of using Deer Antler Products
The best deer antler velvet, combined with the other ingredients, results are generally beneficial to users, although not everyone experiences the same results as there are different factors that might affect the effectiveness of the product. Factors such as age, exercise levels and intensity, diet, lifestyle, and weight can all play a role in the positive results (or not) of the spray products, as of now there no significant research results to prove this.
If you have any questions, talk to your doctor or nutritionist about the right amount of the supplement to achieve your Deer Antler Spray before and after desired results. The goal is to have a fit and healthy body, one must practice diligence in doing so, that is to avoid risks and adverse effects that might affect the body.

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