Video Editing, What Matters?

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Video editing is considered a hobby to some. Others master or perfect video editing in preparation for a lucrative job in the movie industry later on. In fact, others send themselves to school to study about video editing in the pursuit of their career in video editing.

One of the most popular and widely used video editing platforms is the Final Cut Pro X or (FCPX or fcpx). It is published by Apple. FCPX comes with plug – ins which are already built in the system.

There are also plug – ins that are provided by third party provider.

The Advantages of the FCPX
  • It can edit seamlessly and play back 4k files in their original resolutions.
  • It can edit and custom motion titles inside the platform with ease
  • It allows you to swap places of different clips on your timeline. 
  • It allows you to preview the imported media.
Third Party Plug – Ins for Free

As mentioned, there are free plug ins that are offered by third party providers. Yes, they are offered for free in this particular case. You just have to choose the right provider. You may follow the link to move closer to getting these free plug – ins.

Different Kind of Support

Living your dream as a video editor could have caused you to lose hope. Don’t lose hope. The chance in a lifetime might be a click away. You are offered FCPX free plug ins. Again, you can have the FCPX plug ins for free. Don’t worry about the fee it is very minimal comparedto what it could bring you.

You are not being pressured take your time reading before you give the link a click.

Free Plug Ins

The free plug ins include the following:
  • FCPX Effects - The free FCPX effect plug – ins include the following:
    • Binocular and Scope
    • Fade In and Fade Out
    • YouTube Capture
  • FCPX Titles-The free FCPX title plug – ins include the following:
    • Movie Pop
    • Social Media Thirds
    • Template Pop
    • Sign Pop
  • FCPX Transitions-The free FCPX transition includes only the Title Pop for now.
Expect more additional free plug ins including fcpx text plugins in the days to come.

Future of Video Editing

No movie is allowed for release without assuring that good editing has been done. This is the work of a movie editor. Movie editors make it shore that shots and scenes portray what the script has. They use effects to make the story flow better.

In the pursuit of a movie editor career, one may go to a film school to study about the rudiments and complexities of film making in general. Part of the courses being studied is video editing. This goes to suggest that becoming a video editor is not as easy as others think.

However, movie editors do not enjoy the limelight as what movie directors experience. There is nothing wrong with it because after all, video editors will always be unsung heroes of successful and great movies.

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