6 Side Effects of Testosterone That Everyone Should Know

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Testosterones are natural body hormones found in the testes of man. This hormone is basically what makes a man a man. However, not all men have sufficient testosterone in their body. Some have garnered illnesses due to the lack of testosterone in the body. That is why Testosterone supplements are created.

Testosterone supplements are semi-natural steroids that boost the amount of testosterone available in the body. However, since these are not natural, they can be hazardous and can cause side effects. Here are 6 side effects of testosterone that everyone should know.

Growth of Facial and Body Hair

Growing of facial and body hair is a natural thing. However, people who had taken Testosterone supplements had experienced a weird type of hair growth. Body hair especially pubic hair and hairs on the leg grew fast and very thick. It may reach a point wherein the hair causes itchiness all over the body. Women who had taken testosterone grew facial hair like a beard and mustache.

Excessive Acne

One of the irritating side effects of Testosterone is that it can produce acne. Not just regular acne but excessive acne. This occurs because of Testosterone especially those injectable are oil based. This means that more oil is added to the body when a person takes Testosterone. This will definitely produce oily skin. With more oil on the skin plus the presence of bacteria, this will result in lots of acne not just on the face but all over the body.

Water Retention

Testosterone supplements can also cause excessive water retention. This not good because this will cause swelling around the muscles. This will also cause excessive sweating and moistening of the body. This can also create excessive urine. People have tendencies to use the bathroom every 2 hours or so under this symptom.

Lower Number of Sperm Cells

It had been also proven that Testosterone supplements have a big contribution in the dead sperm cells in the testicles. Too much Testosterone presence is lethal to sperm cells. This can definitely lead to infertility.

Frequent Aggressiveness

Testosterone supplements can also affect the brain and emotions of a person. A lot of users had testified that they are experiencing a frequent headache that makes them irritable and easily angered. Some people show signs of anxiety and depression that can lead to a development of fear and uneasiness.

Swelling Pain

Testosterone supplements especially those injectable liquids can cause temporary muscle pain. This is more prominent in the part where the testosterone was injected. This side effect will only last for a week or so. But, there were cases that were reported that the pain continues for a long time. There are also times that it gets extremely painful and unbearable.

With these many side effects, a lot of people had become reluctant in taking testosterone supplements. Even if with the advice and supervision of a doctor, people will shut the idea of taking them. Luckily, there is a way to prevent these side effects and just enjoy the good effects of testosterone. To know how  to combat testosterone side effects, just click the link.

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