Different reasons for back pain and the treatment

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It is estimated that more than half of the world population suffers from one or other kind of back pain. It can be either lower back or mid-back. The lower back is the lower portion of the back while the mid-back is the area from the upper shoulder area to the bottom rib. Middle back pain is very common and can be very painful and uncomfortable.

Causes for back pain

You can blame the computers for the growing mid-back pain. People on an average for professional or personal reasons sit before a computer for long hours daily which causes strain on the back. The handheld devices such as mobiles, tablets, etc., too are equally responsible. Poor ergonomics can be a crucial reason for back pain. Other commonly found cause is bad posture.

People often slouch before a computer and thereby lose their correct posture. Even while walking people are texting which leads to poor posture in the long run. Any injury on the back, or any illnesses in the neck or low back too can be reasons for mid-back pain. If any functional organ fails to function normally, it can lead to back pain. Paradoxical breathing is another cause.

The different treatments for back pain
Today, there are different options available to treat back pain without any surgery. Of the innovative procedures, there is ISM or Integrated Systems Model, ESWT or Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy and DNS or Dynamic Neuromuscular Stimulation. Mycofacial release technique is also used to treat middle back pain. The treatment does not just include alleviating the pain but also includes measures to strengthen back region. Acupuncture and chiropractic care are the other ways of treating back pain.

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization or DNS involves activation of neurons in the brain, which helps in the body getting the communication from brain more effectively. The procedure also helps in bringing about better mobility and flexibility. ESWT aims at rebuilding damaged tissues and tendons.

In this therapy, high frequency sound waves are used which helps in regeneration of muscles, tends and bones. The shock waves create ruptures in the capillaries which stimulates production of new blood vessels. These blood vessels bring about more blood supply which means more oxygen is transported which brings about healing and regeneration.

Acupuncture, a therapy that is a part of the traditional medicine system of China, is also widely popular because it has also been proved to help decrease pain in the back region. There are different kinds of procedures, the most common is using needles. Chiropractic care is also preferred by many patients and even doctors too approve of the procedure as they tend to be effective as well as painless provided it is done by experienced practitioners.

The first and foremost rule about treating back pain is that you consult an experienced and skilled doctor who specialises in treating muscles and spine. Since there are so many non-surgical methods available to help in back disorders, it is only wise that you at least try it and talk to the doctor to explain the procedure, the effects, side effects if any, etc.

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