Everything You Need To Know About Sssts Training

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The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) has prepared clear guidelines regarding the scope, training and capabilities of various persons working at a construction site. The CITB has also enlisted a few training programs that are mandatory for workers at the supervisor position in order to ensure the development of a safe construction site. One of these courses is the SSSTS Training (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) module.

Many training companies offer this training program. Before enrolling for one, it is essential to check the accreditation of the company with CITB, because the training certificate is only valid if the training is CITB approved and recognised. In the following sections, we will have a look at the different aspects of this training program.

Who is suitable for this training?
This training program is specifically meant for construction site professionals who are in a supervisory role. Also, people who will assume this role in a foreseeable future are eligible to enrol for the same.

Scope of this training program
As per the guidelines of the CITB, an SSSTS course is mandatory for all supervisors posted at construction sites. After this training program, the supervisors will be in a much better position to understand the different aspects of a safe and efficient construction site. These aspects include the legal and regulatory specifications of the country, health and safety issues and environmental considerations.

This training will also help the supervisors to assess the different risk situations and manage them effectively. This training will also help in improving communication skills with the team members so that they also understand and implement the various safety measures at the construction site. Briefly, the SSSTS training module will address the following areas:

  • Laws and regulations pertaining to the construction site and how do they affect the supervisors.
  • Ways to monitor the sites effectively.
  • Deeper understanding of the supervisory duties related to site safety.
  • Assessment of potential risk on the site and the importance of method statements.
  • An insight into the various types of accidents that may happen at a construction site and case studies related to them.
  • A list of approved code of practices to be followed for the safety at the site.
Ideal course trainers
This training program should be conducted by professionals who not only have the quintessential qualification but also many years of industrial experience. In construction, risk assessment and risk management. Their qualification and experience should be reflected in the form of certifications and awards in the relevant fields.

Assessment and certification
After attending all the sessions of the training program, the participant will have to appear for a multiple-choice examination. Upon clearing the examination, the participant will be awarded a CITB SSSTS course completion certificate that is valid for a period of five years.

The participant has to complete a refresher course in the same field before the expiration of this certificate.

This training is the most fundamental course for gaining insights into the roles and responsibilities of a supervisor. Taking this course is mandatory according to CITB guidelines. Upon successful completion of this training, the participant will be much better prepared to avoid risks and handle all sorts of health and safety hazards and incidents at the site.

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