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Family law is that branch of the law which deals with family-related matters and domestic disputes like marriage, divorce, property arrangements, adoption, child protection, spousal suport, and all such other matters which may arise from a family as a whole. Family law is practiced inside the family courts which are established either by state or federal laws. In case of family law, the lawyer is not only acting as a professional who will guide you legally, he or she also holds the position of a family counselor as well.

The family lawyer will discuss the issues, propose resolutions and give advice what could be the immediate course of action be taken to minimise the effects of controversy to the family as a whole. In fact, family lawyers are trained as counselors. They also act as mediators and they are taught that their first step should be to unite the family (especially in the case of divorce).

A family lawyer makes the client aware of his or her duties, rights, responsibilities, authorities and obligations and advice regarding unnecessary litigation where it is possible to reconcile. Family laywers are a dime in a dozen but it is really important to find the right one, the one who will render service with an intention to help you and not extract too much money out of your pocket. 

New Way Lawyers, an Australia-based law firm, is one such law firm. We are a not for profit family law firm, who is eager to help you in your tough time without making profit from your situation.

Our competent family lawyers will help you with following matters: -
  • Legal separation and divorce
  • Parenting arrangements regarding relocation, residence and visitation
  • Breaches and contraventions of parenting arrangements
  • Child support
  • Settlement of property and money
  • Spousal support or marital rights
  • Breaches and contraventions of property and spousal support arrangements
  • Adoption
  • Child protection
  • Child custody arrangements
  • Grandparent’s rights
Basically, our Gold Coast family lawyers will help you in all situations arising before, during and after marriage. You can also seek their help for the prenuptial purpose. Also, they will handle all the matters pertaining to divorce and post-divorce.

An experienced family lawyer knows that you must be going through a stressful time and therefore, they give you emotional support along with legal help. They can empathise with you. To reduce you burden our lawyers also try to keep the matter away from court and try to solve it by taking out-of-court settlement route.

They know it is not easy but if parties involved cooperate and coordinate properly then it will be for their own benefit as it will save a lot of their time and money. However, if there is any need for court’s involvement or any proceedings has already been initiated then our lawyers will represent you in the court.

Being a not for profit law firm, New Way lawyers will help you regardless of your gender, status, race, religion, age and disability. You can visit to obtain more information on out firm, services and lawyers. Or you can always call us or write to us, we will be happy to help you!

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