The Challenges of Big Data

2:33 AM
Like in any other job, data scientists face a number of issues in their day to day career in big data. They are always under a good amount of pressure, juggling both the technical and business aspects of their professional life.

Now, in business strategy and operations, data science has become an irreplaceable element to improve both the user engagement and customer experience, which is one of the most important pain points for today’s business world. There are a number of issues which are normally faced by the data scientists:

  • The first challenge of a data scientist is figuring out the issue, as data science is mostly used to recognize and discover particular problems. The data scientists require understanding the data fully so that it gets easier for them to make it clear to others as well. For example, your client can ask for something up-to-date and it can be stressful to do that because data can get very messy as each factor has twelve different ways to name the same label. The analyses are mostly used for finding out business problems and resolve them, building a productive supply chain, fostering relationships with clients, determine the strategic competitive benefits and establishing multiple new revenue lines. To do all of these, the data scientist needs to interpret the real problem for which they can use software like Click Data, which provides various visualization widgets for making data worthwhile and beneficial. There is various online data science certifications available to have extensive data science knowledge.
  • The data landscape is expanded into a massive field and it can be the incredibly powerful tool to work with but only if it’s being utilized properly. There are various platforms in big data and with multiple sources, there comes the greater responsibility of controlling the huge chunks of data which is one of the big challenges for data scientists. The cloud-based integrated data platforms make it easy to create virtual data warehouses to connect data in multiple formats, at any point of time and as a matter of fact, it can be collected in real-time as well. It can be used for getting more effective insights and speculations. There is multiple online data science certificates available to have deep data science knowledge.
  • While big data can be useful for improving customer experience, it can also bring multiple privacy issues which are a primary concern for any data scientist and the organization as well. Working in the field of big data, many data scientists are witnessing these challenges. During the time of data collection, the data scientist must take all the essential security protections including real-time management keeping in the mind the massive size of big data. They always have to remember the fact that handling such huge amount of data sets could get messy and it needs an incredible effort.
Big data is truly an innovation which has created a new value of market through its characteristics of being groundbreaking phenomena. We must acknowledge its extremely powerful technological innovation and utilize it fully. If you’re a data enthusiast, consider enrolling into online data science certificate to get ahead.

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