Tired of being asked to renew your 30 day trial period?

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So you went on the internet and downloaded your 2016 Windows office instead of buying the authorized pack. You finished installing it on your pc and by now you are ready to work on your pending projects. You start up the program and lo-and-behold, you are only offered a trial version that lasts for only 30 days. You clearly need more than a trial version use the programs at full. What you need are the product keys for your programs.

Since buying directly from the programmers are a bit heavy on the wallet, even though that is actually the right thing to do to support the business and for them to maintain quality programs (through you, paying for the actual programs. That’s where they get their revenue from) the second best thing to do is to find authorized sellers or resellers of the Microsoft office 2016 product key like this one.

What are the benefits of buying the product key?

Buying the product key enables you to fully use everything that Microsoft Office has. Not getting the key will limit you as to what you can use and for only a limited time until you ultimately decide to buy the product key. Buying it will guarantee you accessibility to all features that are offered in the program and that’s for a lifetime.

So you won’t get to be asked again if you want to renew your trial period, of course you still have to pay for renewing your trial period so why not pay only once and never get asked to renew ever again. You’re set for life or unless you decide to buy a newer version of the program.

It helps in the long run

Getting the genuine version of the program is better since you don’t need to search for people selling product keys but you will have to pay for royalties. This is practical if you are planning to use it on a day-to-day basis for professional use at it allows you to use the Pro version that has everything on it, it also lets you choose between 32 and 64 bit.

Downloading the free version from the internet will help you get the job done but with only limited resources and limited time. And eventually if you do find the need to get a genuine copy, product keys are sold to give you just that. Not getting a genuine program or using a trial program limits you as to what program and capabilities of the program you can use. There are certain functions in the program that are limited to the genuine copy or the non-trial version so if you do need to use these certain fuctions, you know what to do.

Ultimately buying the genuine program helps the programmers in the long run since you are supporting their business and providing them with revenue to pay for all their workers who are busy making newer and better programs. Let’s put it this way, no revenue means no money to pay the programmers, no programmers means no new, updated and better programs. Getting the genuine or at least getting a product key from licensed resellers help in getting better quality programs in the future.

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