Relish the Most of Onam in Your Beloved Banglore!

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The harvest festival of Kerala, Onam is celebrated with immense glee and excitement. Talking about Bangalore, the city offers a lot of solace to Keralites who miss their home and hometown celebrations. Actually, it won’t be wrong to state that Bangalore absorbsnot just its inhabitantsbut also their choicest festivals, events, rituals and rites. In simple words, you can find plenty of celebrations going on in Bangalore on the occasion of Onam.

Onam is the most relished festival of Kerala and it is celebrated with a lot of ordeal even in Bangalore.You can indeed find plenty of events taking place for Onam in Bangalore. This Onam Festival takes place duringMalayali month of Chingam i.e. August-September. The festivalmarkshomecoming of legendary King Mahabali.This beautiful and cheery carnival of Onam continues for ten days and brings out the finest of Kerala culture and custom.  

Delicious meals and scrumptious eatables

In case you are in a city like Banglore and you are missing the hometown flavour of this Onam occasion then you have to visit different events that take place around you. Who says that you cannot enjoy Onam when you are away from Kerala! Come on, you have to wake up and smell the coffee. Once you explore the surroundings in Banglore, you can find plenty of events getting organized for scrumptious Onam celebrations.

Talking about specific cuisines and dishes of Onam, Onasadhya is the most scrumptious part ofgrand festival of Onam. It is believed to be the most sumptuous and grand meal. It is specially prepared by any type of or culturesor civilisationin the world.It is a feast that, if relished once, is going to be savoured for years.Actually Onasadhya is cooked onlast day of Onam known as Thiruonam.Folks of Kerala like to depict that they are extremely happy and prosperous to their beloved King Mahabali whose spirit is believed to visit Kerala attime of Onam. Such an aura can be felt in the events of Bangalore too. Maybe you are in Bangalore and not Kerala but these Onam events organized in your city can give you the feel and experience of the richness of this festival.

Beauty at its best

Once you attend an Onam Event in Banglore, you not just get a chance to feel the true spirit of this festival of Onam but also get enchanting sites.Exactly, you might have heard about Pookalam right? Well, to brief you,Pookalam is an involved and multi-coloured arrangement of flowers that are beautifully laid on the floor.This tradition of decorating Pookalam is extremely prevalent in Kerala and is followed as a rich ritual in every household during the ten-day-long Onam celebrations.You can witness the charm of Pookalam through different events that take place in Bangalore. Not just traditional folks but youngsters and budding generation too take active part in these absolutely lavish and lush events.


So, if you haven’t got off from office and you are upset that you won’t be able to go to Kerala for Onam; don’t worry.You can experience the thrill right in Banglore through scrumptious and beautiful Onam events.

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