The Complete Winstrol Guide-Cycle, Dosage and Side Effects

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Developed in the year 1962 at the Winthrop Laboratories winstrol is an anabolic steroid used as a performance enhancer today. The steroid is also known by its chemical name Stanozolol. It has the ability to boost red blood cells production therefore was once prescribed to treat anemia. Apart form this it also helped patients to gain weight who suffered from muscle wasting conditions. But today the steroid is rarely prescribed for medical purpose and has found prominence in the field of body building for it promotes weight loss. Other than this it is seen as a performance enhancer as well.

Benefits of using Winstrol

Widely used by body builders and athletes winstrol has a wide array of benefits. A very important benefit which is considered as a plus for most men is that the steroid does not convert into estrogen unlike many others.

Therefore the fear of developing feminine breasts that is Gynecomastia is not there provided that you consume it in recommended quantities. The steroid is also known to provide quality muscle growth when the consumption is combined with a good exercise regime.

While it increases muscle size it also builds the muscle strength as well. Another important benefit of winstrol is that it helps build lean and hard muscles thereby reducing body fat. Hence we can say that winstrol is one steroid which effectively promotes weight loss and also helps overcome the fatigue that occurs during the process. When there is an increased red blood cells production in the body the muscles work longer and harder. This facilitates the improvement of our overall endurance level.

Also when on winstrol many have seen an increase in speed agility and power. Another important advantage is that it has fewer side effects as compared to others. The steroid has very little androgenic effect as compared to the other anabolic steroids.

Dosage and Cycle

The steroid is known to be available both in liquid form and tablets. Hence these can be administered via intra muscular injection or in the form of tablets respectively. Winstrol is known to have a longer half life that is it remains active upto two days. Hence the need for splitting the dose does not arise as it can be consumed at a time. 

For an average male the dose may vary from 50 mg to 100 mg per day if he has been a prior user of the steroid. But for beginners the dosage should be kept as low as 20-25mg per day and for females it should be around 10 mgper day. Typically the length of the winstrol cycle ranges from 4-6 weeks.

Side Effects

The serious side effects associated with the period include decreased sperm count and increasing joint pains. Also many have reported to be having male pattern baldness. If problem persists see your doctor immediately. Other common side effects include acne, tender breasts and painful errection etc.  Therefore to avoid falling pro to any side effects it is advisable to consume the drug only in recommended doses.

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