What Are The Benefits Of Recognizing Employees With Trophies And Medals?

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Employee recognition and awards are an integral aspect of a successful company. Not only does it keep them happy but at the same time motivates them to work towards development. Be it weekly, monthly, or the grand annual recognitions. Acknowledging the efforts and hard work of your employees ensures that they:
  • Maintain their performance in order to be the recipient of the award next time
  • Strengthen teams and are able to look upon the contributions made by co-workers
  • Inspires fellow employees to do better
  • Foster company loyalty and trust
What's even better about awarding employees with trophies and medals is that it yields amazing returns and that too for all needs and budgets.

However, if you thought that the benefits of incorporating employee award program are limited to this only then think again! Because this article reveals the 5 major perks of valuing the work of competent employees with medals and trophies.

Encourages Extra-Effort among Employees

The best employee always moves an extra mile to serve your company with nothing but the best. Yet, it often goes unnoticed or unrecognized. With trophies and medals, you would probably recognize the hardships that “employee of the month or the year” go through and how they have made it so far. This encourages others to put their extra-effort so that next time they could be worthy of this recognition.

Builds Teamwork

Employee recognition is not only about competition with one another, rather this culture creates a sense of cohesiveness and teamwork amongst the workers, allowing them to achieve a particular goal systematically. Further, it motivates employees to give their best, since it's not only their seniors who influence their recognition, but their team members and friends, as well.
The reasons for this are simple:
  • Recognition adds value to the business
  • Value drives culture
  • Culture nurtures fulfilment, and
  • Fulfilment ultimately leads to customer satisfaction
Just rewarding employees with trophies and medals can create a world of difference in terms of the growth and future prospects of your business.

Gives Potential Employees a Reason to Be Excited

When your company is planning to hire the best talents around then there is a lot of competition that you as an organization might have to face. Here, recognition programs can act as a form of competitive advantage because it represents that your employees are valuable to you.
In fact, most of the companies comprehend to the fact that highlighting recognitions and honours in recruitment packages have remained to be key differentiators for the potential employee.

Creates A Good Impression of Your Company

Having trophies and medals is not only a great way to appreciate the work of your employee, but even uplifts the reputation of your company. Whenever an employee is rewarded for a particular work then chances are that he/she would discuss about the same with partners, friends, family members or even your clients.
Even if they do not state it outright, their emotion and attitude towards your company speaks volumes about their state of happiness. The well-recognized and happy employees have always been a better representation of any firm and this translates into successful business relationships.

Personal Development

The recognition program is great platform to review the performance of employees, where managers recognize team members, while team members recognize each other. In this way, you can keep a track of the contributions of each and every employee towards the company.

At the end of the day, trophies and medals that an employee earns is a reflection of their abilities and qualities that they offer, which otherwise would have been hidden from you.

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