Why is the suggested dosage of the Clenbutrol lower for women?

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Clenbutrol is a steroid, which is generally used for promotion of weight loss. This is a bronchodilator that is meant for the treatment of asthma, high blood pressure, migraine, arrhythmia, cardiovascular shock, etc. This is used by bodybuilders, as a supplement for losing weight and for fat burning results. This steroid has the ability to promote fat loss while preserving muscle tissues in an anti-catabolic fashion or way.

The Clenbutrol is available in tablets of 20mcg and is distributed in syrup as well as injectable form. This steroid affects the central nervous system by interacting with the adrenoceptors. Its suggested dosage is lower for women; as the body of the women is more sensitive and can react adversely on taking a high dosage. The use of the Clenbutrol is very easy, as it requires one dose in a day, so as to maintain a steady level of blood in the body. Several studies have been conducted and no such complaints have been reported yet on taking the Clenbutrol correctly. 

The use of the Clenbutrol is not approved in the US, but is still used and sold in different countries of the world as well as online. The consumers residing in the United States have to buy Clenbutrol from international sources. IT has been proven with the animal research that the Clenbutrol is comprised of effective anabolic qualities. It has been seen that most of the Clenbutrol users desire of less fat and more muscles.

The Clenbutrol has become an ideal choice for the athletes because of the given two reasons including:

·         This affects the definition of a thermogenic
·         The intake of this steroid affects the fat cells by transforming into free fatty acids.

As per the observation of several scientific studies, the stimulating effects of the Clenbutrol can be seen, as soon as one starts taking it. Some of the reviews of the users have confused some other users about the intake of this steroid and made them realize that it is not worth trying. The Clenbutrol like other steroids cause adverse reactions and side effects. Increased blood pressure, nausea, insomnia, sweating, etc. are some of the common side effects of the Clenbutrol. The individuals can reduce the side effects of the Clenbutrol; the individuals must start taking it at a lower dosage and increase it gradually to a normal dosage.

The men generally take 2-8 tablets of the Clen in a day, whereas the women used to take 2-4 tablets in a day. Its suggested dosage is lower for women, as the women get affected with the reactions of a steroid with an ease. The users must also keep in mind that this steroid must not be used for an excessively longer period of time. The individuals can get results on combining the Clenbutrol with Trenbolone as well as with any other anabolics. Most of the athletes state that the Clenbutrol on combining with thyroid hormones can burn fat without even making any change in his /her normal diet.     

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